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5-step roadmap

to creating wealth with  Acts of Kindness

Imagine being able to make money online regardless of how many AI tools, market crashes, or scary COVID-like scenarios happen while spreading kindness.



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Entrepreneurs, learn a 5 step strategy to productize yourself by leveraging A.I.

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"After years of thoughtful guidance from Adriane Mayes on credit and mortgages, I've finally taken control of my finances.  Now, I'm excitedly diving into the digital real estate world. Adriane has become my go-to for every wealth-building query, providing that trust is truly the cornerstone of progress."

Denise Thames-Jackson, Soror/Mentor
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

"We are both on the same mountain, just in different boots!! Let's get to the top sister!!"

Shannon Warren, Retired Grandma/Friend
High Ticket Journey Change-Maker

Are you ready to take action and change your life?

Hi, I am Adriane Mayes, AI High Ticket Diva, business coach, serial entrepreneur, and your change-maker extraordinaire!

Imagine being able to make money online regardless of how many AI tools, market crashes, or scary COVID-like scenarios happen while spreading kindness.

Despite research estimating AI will create 97 million jobs, will you be one of the 400 million workers statistics say could be displaced because of AI?

With THE WORLD being affected by the growing impact of artificial intelligence, it can only mean one thing. Something has to change. You. 

With this ground-breaking exclusive course, AI, Passive Income, Digital Real Estate and You: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Wealth with Acts of Kindness, you will learn how to disconnect from the world around you and connect and care for the incredible person you are inside, and monetize it.

Once you realize you are unique and worth it, the income possibilities are endless! (Thank you Chat GPT!)


Working with Adriane is A-MAyZING!?!?

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what a few digital real estate change-makers have to say.

Kelli Clay

"I've known Adriane for a long time and I've recently trusted her company with two big decisions: purchasing life insurance and going through the home-buying process. She is knowledgeable in so many areas and has built a lot of relationships with people in key positions. She made both of these very big life decisions easy for my family! She walked me through every step of the process, explaining things so well! She never forced anything or was pushy. I encourage everyone to work with her and this company, and take advantage of the expertise they provide!


"Adriane Mayes is AWESOME! The wealth of knowledge she has second to none! It is valuable and we are looking forward to continuing to work with her."

Andre Hollien

"I'm writing things down and making affirmations. It may look like I'm on the outside looking in but, you always motivated me and inspired me to do better and be better."

It’s Time To  Start Dreaming Again

With a like-minded community of entrepreneurs, one-on-one guidance, and group support, you've found a transparent place to create a future where your financial freedom and ability to pursue your dreams are working together.


Own It. 

Dreams to Reality


Passive Income, Digital Real Estate, and You.

Your Secret Weapon to Unlimited Financial Possibilities.

Learn unique forward-thinking strategies using AI tools that will drive unparalleled business innovation and income growth. We'll teach you how to:

  • Include acts of kindness in your strategy to wake up eager to serve knowing you truly are impacting someone's life with your actions.
  • Leverage AI technology to get your time back in your day -  making your schedule fit your life, not the other way around.
  • Build an automated recession-proof system that you OWN to make no excuses for any future financial setbacks.

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

A Solution to the Game

Get to answer some questions about yourself. You’ll learn how to uninstall your failed mental operating system and appreciate your unique gifts within.

MODULE #1 - Mindset & Your New Best Friend

Learn how to keep it simple and how to incorporate a 24/7, no-cost,  dependable assistant to help in every part of your daily routine.

MODULE #2 - Nurture Leads and Unlock Your Full Potential

Your message isn't for everybody. Learn how to build a loyal community eager to hear from you, empowering your brand.

MODULE #3 - Taking Control of Your Wealth

Work smarter, not harder. Learn unique automation strategies on how to share valuable insights and drive consistent growth for your brand.

MODULE #4 - You Never Know When. Just Keep Going.

Learn how to use AI tools to make money with your brand that most people are scared to do and quit too soon.

MODULE #5 - Keep Changing to Reach YOUR WHY

AI is new, and the world is different in every way. Now, leverage the research with goals in sight, and keep building upon your road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Get this course now Change-Maker

Group Coaching - "You are not alone"


Join our vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs where we engage in discussions that are often overlooked. Our focus is on faith, finance, fears, family, and fitness – the five pillars that shape our lives.

  • Learn to provide irresistible content people actually want
  • Learn the power of digital ownership, owning your own email list, and income potential
  • Remove the limited thinking that anything isn't possible. You just have given it enough time yet.
  • Creating irresistible products sharing random acts of kindness - however you want, whenever you want

Before each LIVE meetup session, you will receive a thought-provoking challenge prompt to help organize your thoughts. This preparation ensures that when you attend the class, you will be fully prepared to share what has emerged for you during the process. Consider different perspectives, as its ok to find it empowering to discover that others face similar challenges and are inspired by the innovative ways they navigate their lives amidst all the chaos.

No Excuses. Challenge You.


30-Day Own It Random Acts of Kindness Small Business Challenge is like no other.

We are incredibly excited to have you join us on this thrilling journey of empowerment, education, modeling, and prosperity.

Given the uncertainty in today's economy, having a reliable online income stream is more important than ever.

Luckily, research suggests that artificial intelligence will generate an astounding 97 million jobs.

The question is:

  • Will you be part of the creation process? 

We understand that you may have numerous questions swirling in your mind at the moment.

Questions like

  • "Where should I begin?",
  • "How can I start making money immediately?",
  • "Why would someone choose to buy from me?", or even
  • "What should I do if I don't have a business idea at all?"

This is where our 30-day challenge comes into play. Over the next 30 days, we will provide guidance through a 5 Step AI high ticket digital real estate wealth creation blueprint – a step-by-step checklist for generating your first online income – even if you're unfamiliar with digital real estate.

Just imagine: if you needed to earn money within just 30 days without any audience, product or service, and while leading a busy life... what would you do?

Well, guess what?

That's exactly what we're going to show you – and we'll be doing it together!

I Can. I Will. I Must. Let's Go!

Who is Adriane?

Adriane Mayes, the co-founder of Being the Change, LLC understands the challenges and complexities of fate and personal growth.

  • Our mistakes and experiences shape who we are today and contribute to our unique identities.

Adriane embraces her own identity as someone who may be perceived as passive-aggressive but is focused on learning to communicate even when it hurts.

One of Adriane's main objectives is

  • empowering others through education,
  • serving as a role model,
  • and prospering together.

She believes in eliminating excuses and staying determined towards changing what the financial wealth blueprint looks like for future generations.

The concept of shedding all aspects of ourselves that are not authentic resonates strongly with Adriane.

This journey towards discovering our true selves aligns with the birth of this digital real estate opportunity. Adriane emphasizes that taking small daily actions towards our goals, regardless of imperfections, can lead us closer to fulfilling our intended purpose.

Beyond being described as hardworking, devoted, transparent, and a serial small business owner, Adriane recognizes that there is much more depth to her identity than these labels alone.

Similarly, she encourages individuals not to confine themselves to societal expectations or limitations imposed upon them.

While society often tries to categorize people into boxes or define them by certain characteristics,

Adriane urges individuals to stay true to themselves regardless.

It may be challenging for some people to accept or understand your unique level of authenticity – but seeking out those who appreciate and embrace your true essence is key.



I AM talking to you if you...

  • Want to live life more abundantly, have a passion and don't know how to use your unique skills, knowledge, and interests to make money online
  • Have a mindset to control what you can control - Your Own Effort and Activity.
  • Have a passion to spread Acts of Kindness and help other people
  • Are tired of working 9-5 and want the flexibility and freedom to work when you want and where you want and own a legitimate online business
  • Are tired of paying! Investing in course instructors that are giving you 'get-rich-quick' passive income promises that are made by people who know better and are building an email list off your ignorance
  • Don't mind putting your head down and consistently doing the work.
  • You know it takes action to make any change and you can strategically fit it into your life schedule.

Remember 1% imperfect action daily. I say that a lot, because it's true. With 1% imperfect action, you are so much further ahead of someone not trying at all. Don't waste thousands of dollars on another course or business idea that will leave you in debt to see it potentially fail without support of a community.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



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