Are you in danger of losing your home to foreclosure? The Wayne County Produce Auction ended in October, but don't end up there! You're not alone. Millions of homeowners have gone through the same thing. But there are ways to stop the process and keep your home.

Change Discusses: Avoid Foreclosure

There are ways to help you avoid foreclosure and keep your family together. We will discuss how a foreclosure works, can a foreclosure be stopped immediately, and UQUAL loan readiness program to ensure you have resources to help avoid foreclosure scenarios.

Uqual Loan Readiness Program

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Understanding Auction and Foreclosure

Under state law, properties that are subject to tax foreclosure must be made available for purchase by the government before they can go up in auction. If you're an owner of such a property and have been denied rights under federal bankruptcy laws then I'm afraid this means your chances at getting paid aren't very good!

How Does a Foreclosure Auction Work?

When a homeowner fails to make their mortgage payments as agreed upon in their loan contract with the bank or lender, they can face foreclosure proceedings. This means that the bank or lender has the right to pursue legal action against the borrower in order to reclaim ownership of the property. In most cases, this means they will proceed with a foreclosure sale – also known as an auction – where they will offer up the property for sale in order to recoup any losses associated with the loan.

At a foreclosure auction, bidders compete for ownership of the property by offering up bids on it. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is awarded ownership of the property and must pay for it within 24 hours of winning their bid. The proceeds from this sale go towards paying back any outstanding debts associated with the loan – such as unpaid taxes or mortgage payments – before then being given back to the borrower (if there is anything remaining).

Can A Foreclosure Auction Be Stopped?

It is possible for homeowners facing foreclosure to stop their home from going up for sale at an auction. To do so requires swift action and careful planning on behalf of both parties involved (the borrower and lender). It is important that borrowers act quickly if they wish to avoid losing their home through foreclosure proceedings; waiting too long can result in them losing out on potential opportunities that could help them keep their home safe from being sold at an auction.

Legal Option: Borrowers can stop an impending foreclosure sale is by seeking out legal counsel who specialize in helping individuals facing financial hardship due to unpaid mortgages or other debt obligations. These lawyers may be able to negotiate deals between both parties that could potentially save your home from going up for sale at an auction, or even work out repayment plans that would allow borrowers more time before having to face legal action against them by their lenders.
Other options available include filing for bankruptcy protection (which can temporarily halt any pending legal action against you), applying for loan modification (which can reduce monthly payment amounts), or requesting a deed in lieu (which allows borrowers to hand over ownership rights of their homes directly back over to lenders). 

Each option offers its own advantages and disadvantages depending on each individual’s situation; consulting with experienced professionals who specialize in these areas should provide more clarity on which one would be best suited for your unique circumstances.

Change Wrap Up

Homeowners facing financial hardship due to delinquent mortgages don’t have just one option when it comes stopping a foreclosure sale – there are many! By speaking with experienced professionals about how best handle this difficult situation, homeowners can gain insight into how best protect their homes from going up for sale at an auction while also working towards becoming financially stable again over time.

Uqual is here to help with preparing you for homeownership and reviewing your final situation. No matter what you choose, remember that taking active steps towards preventing foreclosures now can mean avoiding devastating consequences later down the line! Connect with UQUAL today if you need assistance getting started on the path to successful homeownership.

These resources may be needed for the Wayne County Produce Auction FAQs

Questions below can be answered on the Wayne County Treasurer's Office FAQ section. Please click link in the browser to visit for more information.

Auction FAQs can be found on the Wayne County Treasurer Website

Bid: What do I need to place a bid?

Bid: Are the bid dependent on the parcel or is there a fixed minimum bid?

Bid: I have heard of the term bundled properties. What does this mean?

Bid: How will I know if I am winning my bid?

Bid: I have heard of the term proxy bids. What does this mean?

Bid: I have heard of the term batch in an auction. What does this mean?

Bid: Can I bid in $10 increments or is there a minimum?

Bid: I changed my mind about a bid. May I cancel?

Bid: How will I be notified I won the bid?

Bid: I lost my bid and data. How do I get my money back?

Bid: I won my bid! How do I finish the purchase?

Bid: When do I have to make the final payment due for the property?

Bid: What if I change my mind, and do not complete the purchase of my winning bid?

Information: Where can I find a listing of the parcels being auctioned?

Information: The closing time for my bid is soon. Can I extend?

Information: How is deed recorded for the purchase of the property?

Information: How do I connect to provide the correct name for the deed?

Information: Where can I print a list of the parcels, so I can research what is being auctioned?

Information: What is the contact information for Wayne County Treasury?

  • Email address:
  • Office Hours: Weekdays 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM ET (appointment needed and mask mandatory in office)
  • Address: 400 Monroe St, Suite 500 Detroit, MI 48226
  • Auction Email address:

Issue: Problem with ID verification?

Issue: How do you bid on multiple parcels? My deposit is only good for one.

Payment: Submitting payment for the deposit/registration fee.

Refund: How can I receive an immediate refund if I selected a deposit more than I wanted?

Registration: What are the requirements for the deposit/registration fee?

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Additional Resource

Check out Property Listings on the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

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