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Acts of Kindness Community

Being a part of this exclusive founding member community provides a myriad of advantages for small businesses looking to escalate their success journey.

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Personalized Coaching

Meet entrepreneurs where they are, ensuring that the guidance is tailored to individual needs.

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Only 20 businesses will receive this coaching, ensuring a high level of personal attention and dedication to each enterprise.

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Businesses will become more independent and confident in their decision-making processes, fostering growth.

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What is VIP 20?

This community is for ambitious small business owners and entrepreneurs who aspire to make a positive impact in their industry. 

  • By joining this community, you will gain access to exclusive coaching sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and resources tailored to your business needs.

Supportive Coaching

We host weekly live coaching sessions, monthly workshops, and monthly community events for all members.

  • Our forum is active 24/7¬†for ongoing discussions and collaborations.
  • Our live sessions, workshops, and events are hosted virtually¬†on¬†Kajabi.¬†¬†
  • You can connect with members globally through our online community forum.¬†

Enhanced Satisfaction

As a result of the coaching, entrepreneurs will experience increased job and life satisfaction, thereby leading to a more fulfilled business life rewards but also inspires others to act kindly.

Effective Contribution

Businesses will be able to contribute more effectively to their industry, gaining a competitive edge

Limited-Time Opportunity

The exclusive founding member prices offer an incentive for early bird businesses to seize this unique chance before it's gone.

Build a billionaire brand

Joining this community offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business professionals, learn from industry experts, and access resources to propel your business forward.

  • Through acts of kindness and support, we aim to foster a nurturing environment where businesses can thrive.

Model It: Change

To find out more, visit our website and fill out the membership application form.

  • Once approved, you'll receive an invitation to our next event
  • Gain immediate access to our online forum.¬†
  • Take the leap and design your reality with us. Own it. Be a part of our community today!

Why the hesitation? Your distinctive talent is on the brink of becoming a top-tier brand.

Join forces with entrepreneurial spirits eager to succeed!

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