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The Sober Motivation with AI will transform your life if:

You are an alcoholic, entrepreneur, solopreneur, AI enthusiast, or action-taker creator who:

  • Wants to have real stories of transformation
  • Understands the importance of a strong positive mindset for success
  • Want to cut research time by 80%
  • Wants ways to remain authentic and original with A.I.
  • Needs help with accountability to meet your online goals. 
  • Find potential with AI without spending 100s of hours learning
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The Sober Motivation

Ignite Your Sober Motivation: AI Insights for Entrepreneurs

A revolutionary course to introduce and harness AI.

Use self-accountability growth strategies to automate, own, design and create authentic, unique content to monetize your own reality in seconds at high quality with AI can help you monetize your unique 'why.'

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to transformation to a brighter future as you embark on this journey of consistent action!

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What's Included?

  • Motivational material added daily - The information in this course can be completed quickly. Not because the information isn't valuable. I've invested extra time streamlining it for you using a mix of videos, workbooks, transcripts, and written lessons.
  • Ready-made action steps - included are wealth creation strategies empowered by Kajabi to build out and monetize your own unique Why.
  • Easy AI Introduction + Automation Templates - Nothing technical but trial and error. Build out your own system. Engage in the community to monetize your unique WHY. understands the importance of a strong positive mindset for success
  • Want to live life more abundantly to Own It. Design Your Reality. 
Transform your life now 🛒

About Adriane Mayes

I've been experimenting with AI and digital real estate ever since starting Being the Change, LLC mortgage brokerage August, 2021.

Since December, 2022. She has spent 1,000+ hours testing AI writing tools realizing the automation and monetization ability online. (Over 1800 self-published videos).

In the end, I want to help people own it. Design their own reality despite labels. You can create and build what you want here with A.I. We are building a system that works for your customized development (faith, family, fitness, fears, finance) and sometimes, even acts like having two at a time. 

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