Bespoke Billions | Monetize Your Unique Why | Introduction to Digital Real Estate

This course enables you to redefine your entrepreneurial abilities by discovering untapped ways to generate income for your brand.

We simplify the intricate realm of AI and guide you in navigating and incorporating advanced tools such as Chat GPT into your everyday responsibilities.

What you'll get:

  • Empowerment
    • Redefine your capacity as an entrepreneur by leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and automation tools like Chat GPT. Gain confidence in navigating these complex systems efficiently.
  • Streamlined Efficiency
    • Learn proven methods to enhance/streamline your business workflows using platforms like Kajabi while incorporating artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Financial Transformation
    • Transform your mindset from being stuck in a poverty trap to building a billionaire brand through practical use cases in digital real estate mastery – uncovering unique ways to monetize based on what makes YOU stand out from the crowd. 
  • Fundamental AI Knowledge
    • A comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence, making it accessible even to beginners.
  • Harnessing Chat GPT:
    • Dive deep into the applications and potential of tools like Chat GPT, understanding their core functionalities and how they can elevate your business.
  • Monetizing Strategies
    • Learn modern monetization techniques tailored to your unique brand identity, helping you maximize income.
  • Hands-on Projects
    • Engage in real-world projects with over 400+ AI tools at your disposal that allow you to apply your newfound knowledge, ensuring that learning translates to practical execution.

Receive exclusive access to the Acts of Kindness Small Business Own It Challenge and Workbook! Learn how to create wealth with Acts of Kindness!

Understanding Passive Income Models (Workshop)
Passive Income AI tools (Workshop)
Implement the strategies (Workshop)
Planning Successful Virtual Events (Workshop)
Hosting Impactful Events (workshop)
How to Create a Virtual Family Event

Module/Lessons Included (*Lesson topics subject to change Founding Member Level*):

W - denotes upcoming LIVE workshop

Module 1: Introduction: Own It: Design Your Reality
Course Creator - Adriane Mayes

Lesson 1: YouTube Entrepreneur Showcase Myron Golden - Own It: Understand the Power of Your Why Poverty Cycle Part 1 of 6

  • Own It Part 1: You are who YOU say you are
  • Own It Part 2: Change Your Tune
  • Own It Part 3: The Poverty Trap and Breaking Free
  • Own It Part 4: You Have Been Programmed to Be Broke
  • Own It Part 5: Celebrating You Is A Part Of Success
  • Own It: Part 6 Design Your Reality No Excuses

Lesson 2W: Identifying your unique strengths and passions Own It: Billionaire Mindset Daily Routine

Lesson 3W: Setting goals for monetizing your Why

Own It: Course Objectives: Artificial Intelligence Meets Real Estate

Module 2: Say Hello to My Little Friend, Chat GPT

Lesson 1: Let's Explore Chat GPT
Lesson 2: Meet Your Virtual Assistant - Chat GPT
Lesson 3: The Origin and Evolution of Chat GPT
Chat GPT Over Capacity

Module 3: The Power of Your New Friend, Chat GPT

Lesson 1: What are the Benefits of Using Chat GPT
Lesson 2 Chat GPT - Beyond Basic Research
Lesson 3: Creating effective chatbot prompts

Module 4: Master with an online presence

Own It: Let's get started AI, Chat GPT in leadership and management

Lesson 1: Own It What is Digital Real Estate
Lesson 2: How Can Digital Real Estate Help Build Billionaire Brands?
Lesson 3: Own It: AI in Leadership and Management

Module 5: Passive Income Wealth Creation Strategies

Lesson 1: Exploring Digital Real Estate
Lesson 2: Building Your Digital Empire
Lesson 3: Exploring Passive Income and AI Tools

Module 6 Creating Virtual Events

Lesson 1: Create Your Unique, Creative Virtual Event With AI
Lesson 2W: Planning Successful Virtual Events
Lesson 3W: Hosting Impactful Events Acts of Kindness

Module 7 Lead Generation with Email Marketing

Lesson 1W Why Email Marketing?
Lesson 2W Designing Effective Email Campaigns
Lesson 3W: Make Money through Email

Module 8: Webinars Get the Sale

Lesson 1W: Grow Your Business with Webinars
Lesson 2W: Why Webinar Content to Buy
Lesson 3W Maximizing Revenue Webinar Funnels

Module 9: Build Your Brand Coaching

Lesson 1W - Coaching vs. Mentoring
Lesson 2W: AI in Management and Decision-Making
Lesson 3W: Online Coaching Styles and Monetization

Module 10: The Importance of Courses in Your Wealth Plan

Lesson 1W: Design, Launch, Monetize You
Lesson 2W: Researching the Content for Your Course
Lesson 3W: Leveraging E-Learning for Courses - Build Your Journey With a Family

Module 11: Your Own Island: Building a Thriving Community

Lesson 1: The Power of Learning and Self-Education
Lesson 2W: Power of Branding Your Community
Lesson 3W: Growth Strategies for Long-Term Success

Conclusion W- What's Next Keep Going

Venture into the future of entrepreneurship with us and own your reality by designing it with the power of AI!

Engage, learn, and transform your vision into a profitable reality.