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Own It: Design Your Reality

Top 7 Ways Acts of Kindness Workbook

Hello, ambitious individuals driving change in business!

This workbook has been carefully crafted to assist you in taking ownership of your actions and designing the reality you desire through the practice of acts of kindness.

By incorporating kindness into your daily routines, not only will it bring about a positive emotional impact but also have the potential to enhance revenue generation for your business.

How to make money Marijuana Industry in Detroit

Don't do what I did. Period. The best advice I could ever give you!

Adriane Mayes is a serial entrepreneur business consultant who specializes in wealth creation strategies for small business owners. Having learned from her personal experiences, such as a previous partnership in the marijuana business which she acknowledges was mismanaged due to a lack of due diligence, she now brings her experiences and insights to assist other entrepreneurs. Adriane Mayes owns a Small Business, Being the Change, LLC, where she is leveraging AI to assist small business owners to build billionaire brands with wealth creation strategies to create passive income. Being the Change LLC provides a wide range of services as a licensed mortgage broker, tax preparer, life insurance broker, annuity broker, non-profit business consultant, digital creator, and affiliate marketer.

The key reasons to work with Adriane Mayes include her understanding of a client's unique purpose or 'WHY,' her commitment to thoroughly researching what is needed to accomplish her client goals, and her special 'founding member pricing' for small business owners who work with her.

She offers services under the company name 'Being the Change, LLC.' and provides wealth creation solutions for entrepreneurs. For the month of June, Adriane Mayes is offering to create comprehensive business plans for small business owners at a discounted rate of $500, with an additional inclusion of the Chat GPT and Digital Real Estate Mastery Course.

To initiate a working relationship with Adriane Mayes, potential client, after your free strategy session, you need to make a deposit of $100, with the remaining $400 due before a pre-arranged date. After the deposit is received, Adriane Mayes will facilitate communication through a follow-up business plan progress Zoom appointment within 7 days of the initial deposit received,  a group chat with the parties involved with the business plan, and provide a non-disclosure agreement for the protection of proprietary information.

In her work, Adriane Mayes emphasizes the importance of trust-building and action. To customize the plan for your why, she needs to understand the specifics of your business, your goals, and your readiness to meet any regulatory requirements to effectively assist you. Payment methods include Zelle and Cash App.


In addition to the services mentioned above, Adriane Mayes also emphasizes the value of networking and community-building. She aims to establish a 'Change Crusader Change Agent Community' for small business owners, which is an initiative aimed at fostering a family-like community of wealth builders. She champions the phrase "Your net worth is your network," underscoring the importance of exposure to different ideas and the collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Mayes strives to meet people where they are in their business journey and educates her clients about leveraging artificial intelligence in their businesses, a concept she believes many people do not have access to or understanding of. Her goal is to show acts of kindness while teaching the proper way to build a business and generate revenue, always emphasizing diversification of ways to get paid and the need to provide value.

The collaboration with Adriane Mayes is interactive, requiring your response to provide progress updates and answer any questions that may arise during the business plan creation process. As a part of her service, she commits to not bothering you with meaningless requests but focusing instead on building a business plan that is tailored to the dreams and aspirations of each individual client.

Adriane Mayes' approach to client relationships goes beyond just the services rendered during an appointment. Her belief is that the real value comes after the appointment when the strategies and insights provided are put into action by the entrepreneur.

It's important to note that while she's confident in the value she offers, Adriane Mayes is transparent in stating that she cannot guarantee results. As she says, "Nothing is promised." But what she does assure is a commitment to understanding your goals, doing the research necessary to reach those goals, and providing a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs.

To begin working with Adriane Mayes and Being the Change, LLC., interested parties can provide deposit payment through Zelle: (248) 761 2891 or Cash App: $Beingthechangellc. If you need to set an appointment, visit:

She is ready to work together to creatively strategize and navigate the path to wealth dreams.

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