You're thinking about getting into high-ticket affiliate marketing?

I know you're probably wondering if it's worth it. After all, there are a lot of programs and courses out there that promise the world but don't deliver. So let me ask you this - what if you could learn from someone who has already made all the mistakes for you, and is currently making $88,000 per month in passive income?

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each day knowing that your bank account is automatically growing, with no extra work on your part. That's the power of high-ticket affiliate marketing - once you've set up your system, the money just keeps coming in, month after month.

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Mentorship Based On Learning Style

I am a kinesthetic learner; which means I learn through experience and trial and error. Before I found my current mentor, Daniel, I had been investing in education which mostly consisted of blog posts, YouTube videos, and a website full of links. And while consuming this type of content can be helpful, it will only get you so far.  What I should have done was find someone whose learning style matched mine, so that they could teach me the ropes in a way that made sense to me. Not to mention, having a mentor is incredibly motivating.

Daniel has always been in my corner with straight-line leadership, providing the blueprint of how it is done. Now you just have to implement and he gives me constructive feedback - things that are essential for success but hard to come by when you're going at it alone.  If you're not sure what your learning style is, this quiz can help you figure it out.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Finding A Mentor Who Matches Your Learning Style

Once you know your learning style, finding a mentor who matches it will be easier said than done. And even if you manage to find someone who's a perfect fit, there's no guarantee that they'll want to work with you.  The best way to go about finding a mentor is through your network. Talk to the people you know and see if anyone can introduce you to someone who would be a good fit. You can also attend online events and meetups related to affiliate marketing; this is a great way to make connections with potential mentors as well as other up-and-coming marketers who might be able to help or collaborate with you down the line.

Free YouTube Education

While having a mentor is ideal, it's not always possible - especially when you're just starting and don't have any connections in the industry yet. If that's the case, then YouTube can be a helpful supplement to your learning process. But beware; there is A LOT of low-quality content out there masquerading as helpful educational videos.

When sifting through YouTube videos, look for channels with consistent uploads, engaging thumbnails, positive comments, and likes (this isn't an exact science but it's a decent indicator), and most importantly - make sure the information is actionable and practical. Also keep in mind that while free education can be helpful, it isn't always comprehensive; there will be gaps in your knowledge no matter how many videos you watch. This is why finding a mentor (if possible) should always be your number one priority.

Change Wrap Up

I wish I had found a mentor sooner who could have helped me learn in a way that made sense to me. If you're just getting started in high-ticket affiliate marketing, I would advise you to find someone whose learning style matched yours and who could help teach you the ropes. You can also supplement your education by watching free YouTube videos. However, the best way to learn is by taking action and implementing what you've learned. The High Ticket Affiliate Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire Coaching Mentorship program is a great team of people who will provide you with all the information you need to be successful. They are open to any program, product, or process. Taking action and getting out of your comfort zone is the hardest part, but if you do it, you're destined for success! Click the button below for more.

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