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Approval-seeking is a toxic addiction. It is one thing of which a person must be cured if they are going to do anything worthwhile in life.

Questions often make people uncomfortable, and when they are effective questions (as these have proven to be), they demonstrate the power of truly transformative coaching, versus “chatting” and “therapy lite” and “pumping the client up”. My first question would be

“What would make this conversation amazingly useful to you?”

How do you want to use the rest of your life?

Your life is a raw opportunity, not something happening to you.

Next question: What if you could act decisively without fear?

When we fear something, we don’t even consider doing it. It’s the possibility that I overrated fear in my life. Develop the practice of taking whatever required action is necessary regardless of the fear that might seem to want to intervene.

We can beat around the bush forever, but you and only you know what you want.

Next question: What’s missing?

I can’t be useful when I don’t know what’s missing.

Typically answer don’t know how to…”I don’t know what to do” That’s when I ask you whether it’s a how-to that’s missing or a choose-to.

Change is never a matter of ability. It is a matter of choice.  Change your inner stance and any diet will work. Where are you choosing to come to form?

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Now if I coach you, “Will you make it worthwhile for you?” Will you make sure you get your money’s worth? In all actuality, the reality is I don’t think it’s about Zach being a millionaire that resonates with me. We all want to make money online, and want to know what’s the best course to go with.

I mean I can't blame Robby Blanchard for Commission Hero, or Chris Luck for Ambsdr, heck even Zach for whatever. Zach’s program came right on time for me. God's time - the only time I trust.

My decision-making is questionable in finding the right mentor before now. He is taking care of some of the pain points, that daily manifested in the back of my mind “you have to build an email list”, and “you have to optimize your site”.

But in this journey, there have been only 24 hours of the day, and lately, here I have been only sleeping 3 hours or so, just determined to win. So, the mindset that I am in at this point in my life….with all of the variables making sense based on the Affiliate Marketing YouTube Top 10 this and make money online tomorrow with that.

I remember watching Adam Enfroy’s YouTube channel relentlessly for a moment - almost invested in that one too. He too has made millions online, hustle type like me, providing valuable, quality information to his audience. He is one of the inspirations for my wanting to do this.

High Ticket Affilaiate Marketing Beginners

But honestly, if you look at Adam’s YT’s, his setup was cold! Looked professional, had all kinds of giveaways, and knew how to flow from one subject to another without mentally getting tongue-tied….Ummmmmm I can do that yeah. (Pumping myself up).

But then if you continually watch Adam, he tells you clearly - he has over 300 affiliate partners, a team of 5, all these streams of income with affiliate marketing, and I’m like yes! That’s what I'm talking about and preach about all the time. Diversify your income streams, I tell my clients this all the time. Makes sense!

So of course, in my head 2+2 =4 right? So, find an affiliate link, drive traffic, and make money. Ok! I had these goals silently, working hard every day until September 1st, so I could take my niece to Cedar Point, and have an amazing birthday this year! My birthday is September 6th, and I was ready to have FUUUUUUNNNN!! (As always).

What has been going in with this journey, the ups and downs, the wins and losses, I kept to myself. I hadn't had anyone to talk with. The Ambsdr Family was there, but no one was happy yet as they were not generating the income we all desired.  I didn't share my disappointment, feelings of failure, pain it with my family and friends. I just kept posting articles as consistency is key right?

So, I decided I didn't want to do ANYTHING for my birthday this year but focus on this goal and get this right. I didn't feel like I deserved anything. I was honestly faking it, no one ever knowing what was bothering me, going through mental defeat.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategies

I thank God for my best friend, Enyka. She didn't even know what was going on mentally for me, but God led her to help me have an A-MAYZING birthday this year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is something I will always remember. Enyka, family, friends, hell ME had no idea what I was going through. Trying to be motivated for something you don't see. But action right?

I think I got to this point when I was waiting on one of Chris’ Ambsdr training. I had to show Enyka that this is the right marketing strategy and investment for our companies. In my mind, if I just shut out distractions, and stay consistent, these people are millionaires, right? I got this.

People are at different education levels, have different experiences, different study habits, and different everything. People are different and are attracted to different things.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

For example, I don’t consider myself conceited, maybe a little lightweight bougie. I look at the quality and learned that it makes more sense for me to pay a higher ticket amount for quality.  I enjoy luxury brands and will pay for Louis Vuitton style, and Gucci. It has been proven, based on my wear and tear over time, that the products are long-lasting, quality products. I have had my Louis Vuitton backpack since 2007.

When I worked with my cousin, Chris Bosh, and the Chris Bosh Foundation, at the time, Chris' shoe deal partnership was with Converse. I vibe with good people. Rick Wilson, Shivani Desai, Micki Benedetti (Converse Canada) - they were good to the community, partnering with us. I mean Chris Bosh only made it to the NBA Hall of Fame right?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Well, Shivani Desai gave me this Louis Vuitton bag for helping her, help Converse make an impact in the community through our foundation work. I was sooooo appreciative. She probably doesn’t even know to this day. So, since then, I have been all-in-quality over the get-a-bag real quick brands (I’m not going to name-drop as I still rock some of them).

At this time, in my life, what I like in Zach’s course may not be what you are ready for. I don’t want to SELL anyone anything. I know and understand the mind manipulation game with all of this. Hey if you go with this person, then you too will make $2-$5k in 30 days.

But think about that statement. How does anyone know what someone else is going to experience in the next 30 days - to say they can make them $5k? Did I plan for this hellacious week that I am pushing through and taking a positive mindset on? Did I want mice to relocate from the roof, or a fire alarm going off at 3 am because of people’s ignorance in my building? And still having to deal with repairing relationships with choices that I can’t even explain? It’s real folks.

You can’t get mad at these coaches, you can only try. Period. That’s it. Try something that’s best for you. I am trying Zach because of MY experience, and current state of life, where I know and what I know I need to do.

Zach is helping me open a communication channel of self-check-in in my personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, and physical life. I am making changes, but can anyone see it? Does it matter what anyone thinks but God?

God knows my crazy. We have been having a good laugh.

I don’t think that is the case. This is the moment of change for me because I CHOOSE to not do the things I want to do because of financial whatever. If I need to learn a new skill that can potentially make me a millionaire in 6-12 months? All I have to do is be consistent and take action daily. To tell people about what I love to do anyway? different strategies and techniques that you can use in affiliate marketing, and high-niche or high-ticket affiliate marketing to work for not only me but others, that is a mastery I would like to fall under.

It is great having a BS in Electromechanical Engineering and an MBA in management and marketing from Murray State University. Mom and Dad - I followed the plan and I did it!

Ok, but years later, LIFE took me on its journey. All of the things I have done, places I have been, and experiences I have had - I could never share with anyone because I wanted to keep friends. I didn’t want the boyfriends I had at the time or even friends and family to start treating me differently or thinking I was better than them.

I have so much built up inside that I can’t be right for anyone. I understand why I am single. I can't let anyone close to someone I don't even know - Me. I don’t even know how this story is going to end up for me, but I have the vision to elevate and uplift those around me. God has given me the vision so I will pursue that. I love traveling and want to encourage that as well.

So, here is why Zach’s program works for me.

Most people are not making money because they are not focused. They are not focused on acquiring skills, getting a mentor to guide them, and consistently executing daily over a long period.

This is why most people fail. They take a small action and expect an immediate result. That’s me and my life all day. But I choose to change.

I have to bring up Jeff Bezos from Amazon. Jeff had a vision. He focused on that vision and he became obsessed with making Amazon the best user experience for the company.  He did this year after year after year constantly making it better. He created his luck.

I think about what Jeff has done for the community since Amazon's growth. Now, present day, in 2022 Amazon is a household name. There is Amazon Drop Shipping, Amazon FBA, Amazon Associates, Amazon purchases, and Amazon on everyone’s phone…just seeing all of this unveil like it has over time has been aweing. I love Jeff and he is growing. I would just do my partnership a different way lol.

For example, I have been consistently posting content on Amazon Associates, to have a commission that could not buy a dinner at Mcdonald's. Hours, daily putting content, following Chris Luck’s Ambsdr certification, trying to figure out search engine optimization, attempting to learn all of these tools - I mean they said to start with Amazon right?

So I started signing up for more programs, worked on consistency, and focused on my vision and focused and focused.

Did I tell you there are only 24 hours in a day? I'm smart but I only can retain so much.

So when Daniel Chou called me personally and invited a solution that was hitting all of my pain points - I can be honest and tell yall. I didn’t hear about Zach’s story until Daniel Chou encouraged me to watch the 2.5-hour FB training - and said it MAY provide a solution to my pain points.

Daniel knew Zach’s story; he heard my pain through my reaching out and his following up, and here I am. I want to help save other people as Daniel did for me.

Let me share the pain points that being a part of Zach’s program has saved me from.

Quitting on myself, by starting the course with foundational work and recommending three book choices for mindset. Now. I have read Straight Line Leadership before in my walk of life. But remember what I told you about how my brain works. I am focused on success. Zach has to give me success. Do what is told and now - NOT what you have been doing.

Now that is a powerful statement. For the past few days, even with the amazing family and community, we all have things to do. We all have our visions that we are working for. So you can’t demand help just because you became a part of a course. You have to sit back, still grind now, but learn the ropes. Weekly, Zach has live Zoom meetings with everyone, allowing you to ask questions and receive feedback.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategies

I know what one on one means. I was promised 1-1 support in the messaging of all of the other programs we had. But I have a don’t care position when I am trying to do something. I make jokes about living with a mouse but it is nerve-wracking and is truly my accountability partner every moment of my day. I can't sleep properly, my diet is all messed up, and I know if I leave to go stay with someone or rent a hotel, or anywhere I go right now would be a distraction to progress. So Fievel/Adriane = Temporary roommates = Accountability Partner.

No more Netflix breaks, music breaks, food breaks, or any breaks. My breaks are going to the bathroom and making something to eat. I am determined to MOVE for my mental stability. Yes, I can go to someone else’s house or go pay for a room somewhere, but that is temporary. I need to make this happen. That’s where my mind is.

With Zach’s program, he hit all of my pain points - I did not have a proven sales process - as you can see with my Amazon sales. Even though I love working with all of the tools I have been working with to make all of this work - Jasper daily, Sem Rush, AHRefs, VidIQ, TubeBuddy, Active Campaign, Clickfunnels, Get Response, GoDaddy, NameCheap.com, Google Search Console, Canva, understanding the Google Algorithm, SEO, Keyword Research, Zapier, Notion..


He is forcing me to train my brain to think and do what I want, not what my brain wants.

You have to pair dreaming with action-taking. That is why I needed a mentor that was recommended by someone who knew my pain of writing a blog, struggling like I was, and invested in myself with still no results.

Daniel shared his story with me - and he made it through. He had pain, the same similar process as before finding Zach. His method in speaking with me wasn’t pushy to just get me to join a program or, trying to force me to jump into Zach’s program, he just listened. And provided a solution. That’s the space I want to come in all of this for others.

I am to learn the structure and routines which are needed - organization, journaling, taking notes, and not becoming overwhelmed. Being on some type of schedule. I want to commit this to mastery. The online community.

This is why people fail they quit before the compound effect kicks in for the work they are doing today. Don’t worry about how many likes or comments you get. The goal is to reach those that have had the same pain as you.

Your FOCUS should be converting the people who are reading and liking your posts into paying customers. So if I am building a new business, and need to use Facebook as business, how do I do this?

Say this, do that…and I think I am going to make money? No. I needed help

Zach's 4-step framework truly is fast-tracking the results I have had over the last 6 months. He explains he instructs, incentivizes, motivates, he makes himself available. - I mean how did I think I was going to be successful in figuring out how I was going to learn this new skill?

Just touch the surface of these NEW online programs, as there are only 24 hours in a day and your emails flood with everyone's training. That's one thing I appreciated about the Ambsdr program with Chris Luck. He introduced us to tools and showed us how to use them - but it is up to me to explore more. Where was I going to find this additional time needed?

When Zach said he would do 90% of the work - his team sets up the funnels, he provides training, and allows you to mirror his Multi-Millionaire process - just make it your own. That’s what I needed! Zach is teaching me the skill of finding qualified people that want a life change. And helping them. Generally, people want a change of positive financial circumstances, they just don’t know how or sometimes lack the resources (capital or discipline to move forward.

I want to encourage people to want change in YOU bad enough, that you will find a way to make it happen.

Anyone can learn to master the algorithm, post quotes that get lots of engagement and make motivational posts. I can go and make $100 real quick doing Uber Eats, Door Dash, or even Fiverr. I know it is possible in the online market, in due time with the right guidance.

If you’re spending lots of time on social media and you’re not generating sales then you might want to ask yourself what needs to change.

If you want to use social media effectively you need to have a game plan you’re implementing daily that is getting people reaching out to you or asking you for more information on your business.

Not just getting people to like and comment.

Something to think about 🤔

If you want guidance from my journey, I encourage you to join my Change Community FB Group. It is a private group I am starting, where I will share my journey and give you knowledge and education about the affiliate marketing process.

It is on you to make any type of knowledge APPLIED Knowledge and take action for you. I can’t do it for you. I can’t want people to change more than they want to change.

So, I am using the Change Community FB Group as a safe people for like minds to collaborate and grow together.

When the dollars come rolling in, at least people will know exactly what I am doing, have an open space to message me and we can have a chat -like Daniel did for me. I am always willing to help someone serious about changing their life and financial situation.

That is why there is a CCC Because We Care Foundation, a CCC Elevate U Resource page, a wealth education blog, and a travel blog. These are things I love and am focused on. Helping others. But people have to want to help themselves.

We just need to focus on getting 1% better every day, we need to focus on the process of getting better every day.

Every single day to master your craft, you have to focus on working through the challenges.

When you focus only on the financial result, it will overwhelm you, you will make bad decisions, and you need guidance from the right mentor.

If you want your VISIONED life, you are going to have to create it yourself. So when you keep starting a new business thinking it will be easy, you will never be successful in any business. Your brain is wired for instant gratification and every business has challenges and a new set of skills you must learn to make that business successful.

Because my desire for my success is so strong, I did take action and was all over the place trying to master 5 skills at once - of a new business. Yeah, I can do it umm no.

Did I get my degrees with a set teacher, that took at least a year to beat algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in me each year growing up? Oh but I can master this in 30 days or less Right? Maybe? LOL.

I love a challenge. I think if one person can do it I can too. When I saw Zach’s testimonials before signing up, I read the stories and watched the videos. All of the people had something driving them in common - they had pain points. They took a chance under Zach’s leadership, invested in themselves, and came out happier than a lark.

I want to be on that board to be an example too for myself first, for others, and for the community - like they were for me. So I will be upfront and honest.

Before you decide to click on the link and attend the training. Zach’s course is not free. So if you do not have money to invest in Zach’s program, I would suggest reaching out to me and joining my FB change community (Solution). I would also encourage you to watch as much of the content that Zach provides as he is giving away millionaire ideas for free! He understands the concept that it doesn’t matter if you give someone the blueprint, the building won’t be built unless you take steps to get the right materials.

So if you are hesitant, or have questions or whatever, let me know you watched the video, and maybe you seeing my journey will excite you to take action toward your plan.

We figure out what to pay for when we need to. So, when YOU have figured out your short-term sacrifice for long-term gain, I am here to support you with the action steps I am taking NOW!

The Change FB community is new, fresh for new affiliate marketers like me, and only open to positive-minded people only. It’s funny. I understand people’s pain - especially at this age. We all have childhoods that we can’t run from, flashbacks, failures, and clutter in our minds. But that is the journey called life that God has set out for us.

Yes, this post is longer than Google’s algorithm specifics blah blah blah. But I need to do this. That's why there are two versions :). This is a way for me to communicate my story, on what it means to be an affiliate marketer from the nitty (well from this point because I wasn’t journaling before).

If I help at least one other person that feels my pain. It was worth it Google. I have accomplished the six-figure dream that was sold to me by getting two college degrees. I have worked for my family to help with their dreams, corporate for their monthly numbers, and business owner - I have six small businesses, a mortgage and insurance broker license. I have hustled and grinded my whole life.

I now want to put myself in coaching that will get me to millionaire status to uplift and build the community around me. Money is a tool. It is not about the amount in my bank account, but the impact I can make on as many people as possible.


I love the song Alien Superstar(as I am one) by Beyonce, but my THEME song right now is Virgo Groove. That is my favorite song for several reasons - one of them being I am a Virgo in a Groove :). Let's see what surprise this Virgo is going to bring.

Follow my journey and let's see what happens. But, my journey will help my dreams.  It won't help your dreams until you decide to take action. You first have to choose yourself. I have.

Remember, your worthiness is not contingent upon the approval of others so don’t let their opinion of you dictate your life or your business decisions. Focus on your own goals and ambitions and refuse to let anyone hold you back from achieving success! Let's Go!

Here is a link to Zach’s free FB training. Thanks, Chris Luck for teaching me how to write a blog. Taking a serious look is the first step to see if the 7-Figure Affiliate Course is the right course for you. I am going to try to provide uncut posts like this whenever God leads me to. All of the fun will be in the FB Change Community of course.

Just unloading my thoughts. I need to share as I know no one knows really what is going on with me. God is doing his work.

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