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The answer is yes.

this is how much money my mentor made

In November, 2022. A business model

Designed on copy and paste as in high ticket affiliate

Marketing, they provide you everything

You need to get started. He didn’t reinvent the wheel

He followed the steps and he provides these steps

To his mentees like me. In this video I talk about high

ticket affiliate marketing and how it works.

You will learn the methods used to the $89k my

Mentor made last month. The methods he has given

To me. Access to the exact same opportunity.

If you don’t know me, my name is Adriane Mayes with Being the Change LLC

On a mission to help provide solutions to people to problems to help them make money online

And create the life they always dreamed with passive income.

The purpose of my YouTube channel is to provide steps for anyone that takes

Action to take advantage of the online opportunity and building your own

Eco affiliate stacking system to lead to passive income. If this is something

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Let’s get into it.

Statistics have been shared that in high ticket affiliate marketing, on average, your buyer must indulge 6-7 hours of content before considering to move forward.

That kinda makes sense being a mortgage broker. The client has to think about their decision before buying. So, that is why I chose YouTube as my main source

of  content - as that platform is a long term platform associated with Google - that

isn't going anywhere.

The affiliate marketing business is a power of

Using a proven system that is already working

In your own creative way. The number one biggest

Objection to people starting a business is they

Have no idea where to start and they have no plan.

With having a proven system, and mentorship coaching

You eliminate all excuses. There is no boss to yell at you.

There is no one watching to make sure you keep to your schedule.

You are competing with you. How high do you want to climb?

You Against you and time. The key is to take imperfect

Action and to get better at least 1% per day.

When you work with a mentor and a community,

Like I do, you feel confident because you see what steps

Needs to be done, you just have to implement them.

So the concept is simple. You find a product that provides

A solution to people in a niche - or area that you like,

That you believe in, promote it, and receive a commission.

The product has already been developed and proven,

So you just have to get products that are similar to things

You like to do. As beginners in the high ticket affiliate marketing

Space it seems so hard and that it is too good to be true but

It’s not. It’s actually really simple.

Now the solution when you share your product or service with

Them, your goal is to lead them down a path so that the chances

Of them purchasing from you increases.

You want to drive traffic to find the people that are looking

For this solution. That is where social media comes in.

When you create maybe a Facebook Reel or a TikTok your goal

Is to drive them to your YouTube channel  or video to get content

You create. Or it could be to check out the link in your bio where

You have all the opportunities to help someone else in your

Area or field. It’s important to give a clear call to action because that

Is the first step in building your eco affiliate stacking system. Lead

Them to your sales page. One mistake a lot of affiliate marketing

Beginners make is just taking the link right from the offer

And posting the product affiliate link in their social media.

That is violation number one in the affiliate marketing industry.

You can get banned from social media and that is a headache

You don’t want to deal with. Yes, there are alias’ and ways around

Your social media account being shut down but the key is to win

In high ticket affiliate marketing right? To make it work? Well,

Doing things as right as possible (as you will run into things

That you just didn’t know).

Now the question is how do you get your links in front of people?

So they can see your offer? That is where your funnel comes into

Play. ClickFunnels is what I use for my eco affiliate stacking system.

Have you ever heard the money is in the email list? That is why

The most import functionality of your eco affiliate stacking system is your funnel

Leading people to the different offers you provide. Your build a like

And trust factor with your audience over time with consistency on

YouTube or other social media outlets. As you grow and recommend

Products that you encounter in your online journey you are able to share

That with others.

For example, just this week, I learned about the app Some people may

Have heard it, but me - NO! It was like the best thing since sliced bread.

I know my businesses, so I was able to take a new business hack, apply

It to my business to solve MORE problems at one time for people all in one place.

I want to be the AMAZON of high ticket affiliate marketing information. Any questions

Or issues or motivations holding them back to at least TRYING something that

Has proven to work over time? That’s what I am hear for.

So to recap, in this video we discussed what high ticket affiliate marketing is and what it is for.

I reviewed the social business hack Direct.Me that anyone can use to elevate their

Social presence without a website. I also reminded you that your mindset is the only thing

Holding you back from this opportunity. Putting aside two hours a day to learn this

$5 trillion annually transacted business is a choice only you can make. I plan to provide as much

How to get started with high ticket affiliate marketing and where you go to get successful as

The plan determines your future. But first, you have to have the millionaire mindset that you

Are worthy of change and this opportunity and you can hold you accountable.

My mentor, Daniel, has shown this entrepreneur, just in the few months we have connected

What is possible. He collaborated with another affiliate marketer Nathan Bokkers through

Legendary Marketer. Seeing their hustle and drive to be at the top of the leader boards,

They became competitive brothers - then business brothers. They created Wealth Warriors within

The foundation of elevating their affiliate marketing level by becoming a part of the Millionaire

Challenge System - MCS with Zach Crawford. See winners, encourage winners. One thing

I notice Zach’s program is his goal and foundation is built on helping other affiliate marketers be

Successful in whatever direction they want to go into.

Daniel and Nathan saw a need for coaching in the community and built the Wealth Warriors within

MCS. I was introduced to Zach Crawford and MCS Millionaire Challenge System by Daniel. MCS and

Zach’s program strategically gets you to millionaire habits, thinking and abilities. He allows

The entrepreneur to really step back and evaluate the WHY in your life, in your business, in signing

Up for the course. He provides you free training with a community of other successful high ticket

affiliate marketers and hands on live mentorship when you invest into his course. He ensures your

questions are answered and your business - personally, mentally and professionally is handled.

A few weeks ago, Daniel told me about the 3 for 1 deal with Freedom Accelerator and Jonathan

Montoya. After evaluating my learning style with Millionaire Challenge System, and seeing my

Progress with MY goal in this business, he felt this would help.

The step by step, click by click process is what I needed. That is what I have with Freedom

Breakthrough.  Going through MCS made me realize some things that I don’t know if I would

Have gotten if Daniel would have recommended Freedom Breakthrough first.

For example, mindset. It is discussed in the Freedom Breakthrough course, but my mindset

Was set up for success when diving in to the MCS program in September.

Call me shiny. I am glad Daniel entrusted this Shiny Girl. Now, Nathan and Daniel are

Launching the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire coaching program. You see, other

Entrepreneurs regardless of whatever program you were involved in, they will

Help you get there. Why? It is not a competition. The goal is for everyone to

Win in their why. No one can do the work for you. But the model has been proven

Time and time again. My goal is to encourage others to venture business in the

Online space. Please comment below any videos you would like to see or anything you would like to know or help you take action in this online space. I am here to ignite your journey to passive income. Thank you for watching and reading.

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