Do you want to make it easier for people to find your website or online store? Are you having a fundraiser or a special event that needs a link?

Of course, you do! And that's where comes in. makes it easy for people to find your contact information and learn more about what you have to offer. Plus, they provide valuable insights into who clicks your link and when, so you can better understand your audience and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

With, you'll be able to create a free link in your bio that will lead directly to your website or online store.

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Able to monetize your online activity with no website! Free!

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In this video, I will explain what is, what is a link in bio platform, how you can earn money with, what can you offer with direct access, and my thoughts on the product. Stay to the end and I will show you if you are having a fundraiser how you incorporate this into your fundraising planning.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Direct.Me

The purpose of high-ticket affiliate marketing, and YouTube channel is to help people make money online by learning ways to work from home and to leave their 9-5 income. Entrepreneurs and action-takers can learn how to create a six or seven-figure-per-year online business without any product websites through how to get affiliate marketing. I am leveraging my millionaire Mentor coaching team to learn and teach how to be profitable in high ticket sales to help other entrepreneurs using the eco affiliate stack.

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How Direct.Me Works is the simplest way to connect your bio to your website or online store. Just create a free account and add your links!  Plus, with's customizable link shortener, you can create short, branded links that are easy for people to remember.

Direct.ME - CCC Elevate U

Comprehensive Listing Eco Affiliate Stack

Affiliate Marketing Business Comprehensive Affiliate Links

Steps to Sign up for FREE Direct.Me Account

1) Sign up for a free account and add your links! You can add as many links as you want, and you can change them at any time with just a few clicks.

2) Use our link shortener to create short, branded links that are easy for people to remember— perfect for adding to your bio on social media or in email signatures!

3)Track how many people click your links and when they click them— valuable information that you can use to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

4)Get started today! Creating your account and adding your first link only takes a few minutes— sign up now and see the difference makes for yourself!

Earn Money With Direct.Me

If you have a profile, then there's an easy way to make some extra cash from your followers and fans! You can offer services on the site through what they call "Direct Access". Just log into any one of these offerings and receive/give a tip for services rendered.

Imagine a world where you could have access to all the features of any other link in bio platform without paying. That’s what offers! They say their goal is ‘to be an open source, free-for-all social media network for your website which gives everyone equal parts on this digital terrain--and no one will ever need pay again because everything can simply live within themselves thanks to progressive thinking from the creators. is the newest way to share your social media profiles and build an online presence without having a website! You can create your profile, which will be linked in various places across all of these platforms - including on dashboards for managers or executives who want quick access to their favorite Pages' information at any time (and directly from them). The best part? It's free.

What can you offer with Direct Access?

* Video Messages - Followers can purchase a short video (or audio) message from you.

* Premium DM's - Allow your followers to pay to send you messages

* Social Action - Sell social media shoutouts, follow backs and more

* Phone Call - We will connect you privately to your buyer for a short phone call.

* Video Call - Sell a short video call on whatever platform you choose.

* Digital Product - Instantly delivered; Video, Picture, Audio, PDF, and more.

* Physical Product - Sell unique and exclusive products such as autographed photos.

* Custom Item - This option allows you to offer something specifically geared to you and or your fans.”

Direct.Me - Being the Change LLC

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Education/Training Links

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Education/Training Links

Direct.Me Opportunity

If you're not using, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with potential customers and grow your business. With, it's easy to add links to your bio on social media or in email signatures—and our link shortener makes it even easier for people to find and remember your links! Plus, our tracking features give you valuable insights into who's clicking your links and when they're clicking them so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today!

I love the fact their platform is completely free for creating a link in bio profile. There are no upgrades or subscription costs with numerous links being allowed and different themes.

Change Wrap Up

I found the process of setting up a profile straightforward, with many features that I am grateful for! One thing worth mentioning is their free platform which allows you to create an affiliate link in your bio page; no upgrades or subscriptions are needed at all - score!! You also have options when it comes to monetizing yourself through these links by adding buttons on top where readers can buy something from yours if they like what's written about them specifically (or not), plus there are different themes available too so everything matches perfectly anyways.

You can use to monetize your profile and make money from your Instagram or Tiktok following, or any other online presence. This bio link tool is completely free to use and has many different options for monetization, such as donations, services, and products. You can also put many links into one folder with this tool. get started now and start earning money from your online presence!

Important Disclaimer: The views, information and opinions expressed in the video series are solely of Being the Change LLC and its affiliates. We do not guarantee any results. Please reach out to a financial professional to review your portfolio before any transactions.

Important Disclosure: We are proudly supported by affiliate partners and sponsored ads. Some posts may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of our links we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you, and your support is very much appreciated.

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