Country Bumpkin

Raymond McCants III, Small Business Owner

Treon Young, Small Business Owner

Raymond McCants III, Small Business Owner

Raymond McCants III is one of the owners of Country Bumpkin, a black-owned clothing store opening in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Detroit Renaissance alum and has always had a passion for marketing.  Now, partnering with Treon, they are growing the brand and expanding their storefront into a larger market. Country Bumpkin opened its doors in Atlantic Station this fall.

What Makes Their Store Unique?

There are many things that make Country Bumpkin unique, but one of the most notable things is that it will be one of the only black-owned clothing stores in Atlanta. They are proud to be able to provide Atlanta with a store that represents the city's diversity. Another thing that makes Country Bumpkin unique is its focus on streetwear. Most clothing stores in Atlantic Station offer more formal pieces, but Country Bumpkin will offer unique and stylish clothing options for the culture.

If you're ever in Atlanta, be sure to stop by Country Bumpkin! You'll be able to find quality clothes that stand out, and you'll also be supporting small business owners who are following their dreams. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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