As a florist, business insurance for your flower shop is imperative. You know that your business is a labor of love. But what would happen if something went wrong?

If you're in business, florist business insurance is essential.  It can help protect your business from the unexpected, so you can continue to serve your customers and grow your business. You and your business partner(s) should have a personal insurance company (consider Ethos Life Insurance). For business insurance, that's where Embroker Business Insurance comes in.


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Embroker is the insurance brokerage built for the way you do business. You get the ease of technology coupled with top-shelf service from the best brokers.  So why wait? Get started with Embroker today.  Business insurance can provide peace of mind in case of an accident or disaster. Knowing that you're covered can help you focus on what you do best - running your florist shop!

Purpose of Business Insurance

Business insurance is designed to protect small businesses from financial losses due to unexpected events. Whether it's damage to your property, liability for injuries sustained by customers, or loss of income due to a disaster, business insurance can help cover the costs. Even if you're a small business, it's important to have adequate business insurance in place. The last thing you want is to be forced out of business because you can't afford to pay for damages or repairs.

Types of Business Insurance for Florists

There are many different types of business insurance policies available, and the specific coverage that you'll need will depend on the type of florist business that you have.

Brick-and-Mortar Flower Shop

You'll want to make sure that you have property insurance to protect your building and contents in case of fire, vandalism, or theft. You'll also want to consider getting liability insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits if someone is injured on your premises.

Mobile Florist

If you're a mobile florist who provides flower arrangements for weddings or other events, you'll need different types of coverage. For example, you may want to get event cancellation insurance in case an event is canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. You may also want to get vehicle insurance and commercial auto insurance to protect your van or truck in case it's damaged in an accident.

Types of Business Insurance for Florists

There are many different types of business florist insurance policies available, but not all of them will be relevant for your flower shop insurance. Some of the most common types of business insurance for florists include:

Property insurance

This type of policy will cover damages to your property caused by events like fires, storms, and vandalism. If you own your shop, commercial property insurance is an essential type of coverage. If you rent space for your business, your landlord's insurance policy may provide some coverage, but it's always a good idea to have insurance coverage and your policy in case of damages that are not covered by the landlord's policy.

Liability insurance

This type of policy will provide coverage if someone is injured on your premises or if you are sued for damages caused by your business operations.  Workers compensation insurance and for example, if a customer trips and falls in your shop, liability insurance can help cover medical expenses and any resulting legal fees. Florists typically need both general liability insurance and product liability insurance. General liability covers injuries that occur on your premises, while product liability covers injuries or damage caused by products you sell (in this case, flowers).

Business interruption insurance

This type of policy can help cover lost income and expenses if your business is interrupted due to a covered event like a fire or natural disaster. For example, if a hurricane damaged your greenhouse and forced you to close your shop for several weeks, business interruption insurance could help cover the cost of lost revenue as well as expenses like temporary relocation costs.


No matter how big or small your florist business is, it's important to have adequate business insurance in place. By doing so, you'll be able to protect yourself financially if something goes wrong. You never know if Jeremy Graham is on to something with his theory. There are many different types of business owner's policy insurance policies available, so be sure to speak with an insurance broker about which ones are right for you. Embroker is available to answer your questions right away!

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