Wondering if brand ambassador work is better than freelancing?

Brand ambassador work can be a great way to get your foot in the door with certain companies. It also gives you more stability than freelancing, which can be feast or famine. As a brand ambassador, you'll likely have set hours and a regular paycheck.

One of the best things about being a brand ambassador is that you often get to represent well-known brands. This gives you exposure to new people and can help build your brand. You'll also learn important skills like marketing, public relations, and event planning. In this post, I will provide five reasons why being a brand ambassador is better than freelancing.


Brand Ambassador vs Freelancing

Reason 1

Brand Ambassadors are typically given more responsibilities than freelancers. This means that they have a lot more opportunities to learn and grow in their careers.

Reason 2

Brand Ambassadors often receive training from their employers, which helps them to develop the skills they need to be successful. Freelancers usually have to learn on their own.

Reason 3

Brand Ambassadors often enjoy better benefits than freelancers, such as health insurance and 401k plans.

Reason 4

Brand Ambassadors typically have more job security than freelancers. They may be laid off during tough economic times, but they are less likely to lose their jobs altogether.

Reason 5

Brand Ambassadors often receive more recognition for their work than freelancers do. They may not be as well-known as company employees, but they are appreciated by their employers nonetheless.

Brand Ambassador vs Freelancing

As a brand ambassador, you are essentially a walking billboard for the company or product you represent. You are paid to promote the product and generate goodwill for the company through your actions and interactions with customers or potential customers.


The main pro of being a brand ambassador is that you usually have more stability than you would as a freelancer. You typically have a contract that outlines your duties and compensation, so there is less ambiguity about what is expected of you and how much you will be paid.

Another benefit of being an ambassador is that it can be a stepping stone to other opportunities. If you do a good job representing the brand, you may be offered other positions within the company or recommended to other companies looking for ambassadors.


Now let's look at some of the cons. First, being an ambassador requires that you be "on" all the time. Even when you're not officially working, people will still associate you with the brand, so it's important to always be aware of how your actions might reflect on the company.

Another downside is that ambassadors usually have less creative freedom than freelancers do. As an ambassador, you are expected to represent the brand in a certain way and adhere to its guidelines. This can be restrictive for people who want more flexibility in how they market themselves and their products.


What You Should Know - Ambsdr

Ambsdr is a platform that helps you talk about the brands you love on the internet. Unlike freelance work, Ambsdr offers a great deal of flexibility and freedom when it comes to setting your schedule. A self-guided training teaches you how to work with a wide range of brands, both big and small. As a brand ambassador, you can create the freedom in your life you were looking for.  In addition, Ambsdr provides extensive training and support so that you can be successful in your role. Because of all these factors, Ambsdr is a great choice for anyone looking for an exciting and rewarding career as a brand ambassador.

Change Wrap Up

Becoming a brand ambassador can be a great way to get more stability and recognition in your career. But it's not right for everyone. If you're thinking of becoming an ambassador, weigh the pros and cons carefully to see if it's the right decision for you. First, check out Ambsdr's free training. See if this is something right for you. It's free training that will teach you about the Ambsdr course. This course provides everything you need to know to invest in the course to learn about being a successful brand ambassador. Thank you!

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