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Poverty to Prosperity: How Chat GPT Can Help You Create A Vision Board

entrepreneur highlight how to Jun 11, 2023

A testament to the power of having a vision board is Ashley Hamilton, an entrepreneur hailing from Detroit, MI (What up Doe?). Through her steadfast vision, Ashley escaped the snares of poverty and amass a real estate empire valued at $3.2M. Ashley demonstrates that with a strong vision, obstacles can be overcome and dreams reached.

Her journey serves as a source of inspiration, particularly her pearls of wisdom: "Seize the opportunity when others exhibit fear and exercise caution when others demonstrate greed," and "Sacrifice a few years of conventional living to enjoy a lifetime of exceptional living."

We all have dreams and goals. But sometimes it's hard to keep them in focus. That's why vision boards are so powerful. They help you stay focused on the things that matter most to you.

Now, with the help of AI, you can take your vision board to the next level. AI can help you identify potential paths to success and uncover new opportunities you may have never considered before.

Some Times Your Vision Will Change

The time is ripe for understanding and capitalizing on the living benefits and advantages of guarantees.... as in this moment in history we can only control what we can control. You. Be Your Own Bank.  Your health is wealth is all you have; while also ensuring the protection of your legacy. Adriane understood that there is never a 'perfect moment' for creating a vision board. 

She did create one on July 18, 2022, but her vision has evolved! Now is the moment to act, 

regardless of the date being a day late, June 11, 2023.

The best vision board arises when you have a definite grasp of your objectives or are seeking guidance. This can be at the start of a new year, when launching a new enterprise, or in the midst of a significant transformation. 

For Adriane, it marked the launch of her novel Change Crusader Chat GPT & Digital Real Estate Community - the trailblazing Change Crusader Freedom Equity Group "Change Agents", which emphasizes revealing the living benefits of modeling, educating and not selling to create generational passive wealth. 

She aspires to educate people about becoming their own bank and replicating her expertise, leveraging training and her mentor Briant Mora with Team M&M across her  Change Crusader Life Insurance Agents Team.

In the wake of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, the world has been riddled with uncertainties and uncontrollable 'What Ifs', impacting everyone differently. 

It's essential, therefore, to educate people on the importance of being their own bank, guaranteeing income, and leveraging the living benefits in case of any disruptions to their daily life activities. 

This not only alleviates the burden on the family but also provides a broader range of choices. Leaving a legacy for your loved ones is just as crucial as living well and staying healthy. 

It involves planning for the distribution of your wealth, assets, and values in a way that creates a lasting connection with your beneficiaries, ensuring that they are well-protected and can continue to uphold the lifestyle they're accustomed to when you're no longer around.

Life insurance and annuities provide various living benefits, many of which are often overlooked. They include covering long-term care expensesproviding financial aid in case of a terminal illness, and supplementing retirement income. 

It's also possible to borrow against your life insurance policy or withdraw a portion of the cash value to cover certain expenses while you're alive. 

Overall, there is no time like the present to start understanding the living benefits of what you can control, and start safeguarding your legacy.

Leveraging Vision Boards and AI to Realize Your Billionaire Aspirations

Delving into personal growth tools, we encounter an underestimated yet potent instrument - the vision board. This article will illustrate how to formulate a vision board, its value, and the manner in which artificial intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT, can enhance this method to aid in shedding the confines of poverty and direct you toward your billionaire aspirations.

Unpacking the Concept of a Vision Board

A vision board is an amalgamation of images, affirmations, and aspirations symbolizing your ambitions and desires. It's a graphic portrayal of your life's ambitions - your future vision. It's a tactic to help you remain focused on your goals and determined to materialize your dreams.

The Impact of a Vision Board

By creating a vision board and situating it where it's visible daily, you engage in frequent visualization activities throughout the day, often subconsciously. Visualization is among the most influential mental exercises available. Olympic athletes, prosperous billionaires, and high achievers across various fields have consistently utilized visualization to enhance performance, concentration, and drive.

When is the Ideal Time to Design Your Vision Board?

There are no strict guidelines on when to craft a vision board. It can be created whenever you need to outline new goals. A new year, a new month, or a new life chapter are all reasonable times to devise a new vision board. The key aspect is that your board resonates with your current dreams and ambitions.

Three Instruments for Vision Board Brainstorming

Pinterest: A superb platform to begin gathering images, quotes, and ideas for your vision board. Trello: A robust project management tool enabling the creation of digital vision boards. Check out the Change Crusader Productivity Board on Trello. 

ChatGPT Open AI An AI developed by OpenAI that can assist in structuring your thoughts, generating ideas, and even formulating affirmations for your vision board.

Three Perks of Utilizing ChatGPT in Vision Board Formulation

Idea Generation: ChatGPT is an excellent instrument for generating and structuring ideas. It can assist in defining your goals and aspirations.

Visualization: ChatGPT can aid in visualizing your goals by providing vivid, intricate descriptions of your aspirations.

Inspiration: ChatGPT can supply positive affirmations and motivational quotes to maintain focus and drive on your journey. Collective Activity: Crafting a Group Vision Board

A fantastic application of ChatGPT is creating a group vision board with your family, colleagues, or students. Like individual boards, group vision boards can harmonize everyone's visions and promote unity and collaboration. ChatGPT can help streamline the brainstorming process, generate ideas, or provide motivation and affirmations for the group.

Change Crusader Take Action Exercise Prompt Examples

Creating a vision board is easy and fun, especially when Chat GPT's assistance comes into play!

Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Before getting started with the actual creation process, take some time to reflect on your intentions for the vision board. What do you want it to represent? What are your goals?

Once you have clarity of intent, share it with Chat GPT using natural language prompts such as: "I am looking forward to creating a personalized vision board that represents my aspirations," "Can you help me with ideas for my career-related goals?" or simply just asking "How can I best set my intentions?"

Step 2: Collect Images

Gather images that resonate with your intentions and paste them onto the canvas or poster paper. Again, there are tools you can use digitally. These could be pictures from magazines or online resources like Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Unsplash. Another good source would be the Detroit Chat GPT Revolution playlist. It is an AI Revolution!

When searching for images through these sources, consider entering key terms related to your specific goal(s) like “financial independence,” “healthy lifestyle,”, "relationships" “travel destinations” etc., so that Chat GPT may point out some relevant photos based on its web-scraping capabilities. One of my mentors from the Bad Ass Marketing Program, Joshua Osborne, called it the 4F's: Family, Faith, Fitness, and Finance. It all starts with a mindset. Come up with the method that is best for you.

Step 3: Arrange Your Images

Arrange the images however you wish until they form an aesthetically pleasing collection of visuals representing each goal area identified above (e.g., wealth accumulation, physical fitness). The idea is not only limited by text but also rich visualization which could make more impact than words alone.

During this step too, feel free to ask Chat GPT about possible layouts (“What’s the best way I could arrange these pictures?”), colors (“Which color scheme would make my vision board more visually appealing?”) or other design-related queries.

Step 4: Add Text

Add text to your vision board using the same approach as before, either by cutting out letters from magazines and pasting them onto the canvas or printing them off from a computer. If you want guidance on what texts to use for specific goals, Chat GPT can also help! Just ask about key phrases that best describe each goal area.

Step 5: Finalize Your Vision Board

Once all of your images and text have been added, step back and admire your creation! Hang it somewhere where you’ll see it every day – whether that’s in your bedroom or office space.

As an AI language model designed to assist with various tasks, Chat GPT has demonstrated its value yet again as we’ve seen through creating a personalized vision board. Its ability to generate ideas based on prompts given makes the process seamless while ensuring relevant content is incorporated into the final product.

So don't hesitate any longer - try using Chat GPT assistance next time when creating a personal vision board!

Final Change Moments

Remember, your vision board extends beyond mere dreams; it's about initiating action. Subscribe to the Change Crusader Wealth Creation YouTube channel to receive insights on wealth creation strategies centered around your health and wealth to build your billionaire brand from within.

Utilize the strength of vision boards, exploit AI like ChatGPT, uncover your "why", and commence your journey to success. Your billionaire dream is just a vision board away! 

Ashley Hamilton, you are an inspiration. Thank you for my two gems from listening to the Earn Your Leisure YouTube Rants and Gems Podcast:  "Seize the opportunity when others exhibit fear and exercise caution when others demonstrate greed," and "Sacrifice a few years of conventional living to enjoy a lifetime of exceptional living."

I Can. I Will. I Must. Let's Go!

For more information to join the Change Crusader "About That Life" Change Agents, please follow the link.

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