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AI Change Crusader: How to Create an Event For Your Photobooth Business

entrepreneur highlight how to wealth strategy Jul 06, 2023

Light Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Start a Photobooth Business with Curator Live and Canva

Are you tired of the traditional 9-to-5 grind? Fed up with the monotony of sitting at a desk all day? Well, let's paint a different picture: Imagine a life where you make money while bringing joy to people, where every day is a celebration, and you are the life of the party. Welcome to the world of owning a photo booth business!

What is a Photobooth Company?

A photo booth company provides an immersive photo experience at events. It's not just about snapping a picture; it's about capturing fun, smiles, and laughter, creating lasting memories for clients. As an owner of a photobooth business, you’ll add a splash of joy to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and even school gatherings.

The Passive Income Powerhouse

Ever dreamt of a business that allows for a healthy work-life balance, yet generates a decent income? Running a photo booth business can be a source of passive income, requiring only the initial setup, minimal maintenance, and periodic updating. You create the settings, templates, and designs once, and they can be used over and over again, earning you income with every click and flash.

Enter Curator Live and Canva: Your Business Power Tools

Let's talk about Curator Live, a top-notch photobooth software, and Canva, a user-friendly design platform. Combined, these tools allow you to tailor your photo booth business to meet your client's specific needs. With Curator Live, you can manage your events, subscriptions, and device settings, while Canva lets you create engaging and personalized template designs.

What's more, you can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your photo booth business. Here are three AI tools that could be game-changers:

  1. Canva's AI: Canva offers an AI-powered design suggestion tool. Upload your client's image, and Canva will generate design ideas based on the image.

  2. AI Chatbots: Incorporate an AI chatbot into your website to provide instant customer service, answering queries and helping clients book your photobooth services.

  3. AI Photo Editing Tools: Use AI-enhanced software like Photoshop AI or Luminar AI to automatically improve the lighting, color balance, and overall look of your photobooth photos.

Running a photo booth business may seem daunting initially, but with the right tools and passion, it could be your ticket to financial freedom and a happier lifestyle. Curator Live and Canva, coupled with AI enhancements, can help turn this dream into a reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to bring smiles to events and earn money while doing it? Check out Smile Don't Blink Photobooth now. Start your exciting journey today by checking availability at Smile Don't Blink Photobooth.

Don't just capture photos, capture moments, and create lasting memories. Remember, with every flash, you’re not only brightening someone's day but also lighting up your entrepreneurial journey.

Step-by-Step Guide: Curator Live and Canva

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to create photo booth template designs using the Curatorlive Photobooth Software and Canva:

  1. Log in to your Curatorlive account: Start by visiting Curatorlive. If you're using the older version, select Pixbooth 2. Log in using your email and password. If you have already set up photo booth events, they will appear on your dashboard.

  2. Navigate through the Curator dashboard: The dashboard tab provides an overview of your events. The 'tools' tab displays your subscription and license information. You can download Pixbooth on your iPad via the 'devices' tab. The 'templates' tab offers all the screen sizes you need for your design. You can download these templates or use their dimensions when creating images in Canva.

  3. Event Creation: Here, you have two options.

    • Option 1 - Duplicate an event: You can duplicate a previous event on the dashboard, using all the settings from that event. This will ensure that you can quickly create and test your design.
    • Option 2 - Create a new event: Follow the prompts for the information provided on each step-by-step screen.
  4. Designing in Canva: Canva is a free design tool. To create a design, you can use the dimensions from the Curator templates. When creating a photobooth template, simplicity is best. Make sure to ask the event requestor if they have any special colors, a theme, or a picture. You can enhance your designs using flashy colors, upload the client's picture into Canva's AI for idea generation, and use the resize feature to quickly change the template sizes.

  5. Finalize and Download: Once you're satisfied with your design in Canva, click on the “Download” button and select the “JPEG” option. This will download your design as a high-quality JPEG file that you can use for your photo booth.


  • Be aware of potential risks associated with using online design tools. For instance, users may unintentionally share personal information or copyrighted material when designing their photo booth template.
  • Various online design platforms are available, and some may be more user-friendly or offer more features than Canva.

So, ready to capture memories with a blink? Keep Smile Don't Blink Photobooth in Mind! Visit Smile Don't Blink Photobooth now to check availability. Smile, don't blink! Create lasting memories with the flicker of a photo flash!

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