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Acts of Kindness Entrepreneur Showcase: $100k Monthly SAAS Strategy

acts of kindness entrepreneur highlight small business showcase Sep 08, 2023
Shine Ranker SEO tool

Acts of Kindness Entrepreneur Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner, a trailblazing online software developer and the genius behind Shrine Ranker, has made waves in the world of online business. Recently, Chase Reiner, a small business owner showcased his generous spirit by launching a free workshop on YouTube, aimed at educating the masses on making money online using AI tools. Surprisingly, he unveiled on September 6, 2023, his entire money-making system that allegedly rakes in $100k per month through SAAS.

What is Shine Ranker?

Shine Ranker is a robust SEO tool tailored to optimize businesses' online visibility and search engine rankings. Here's a breakdown of its features and offerings:

  • Comprehensive SEO Tool: An all-encompassing platform designed to boost online presence.

  • Keyword Research: Allows businesses to identify and target high-performing keywords relevant to their niche.

  • Website Audit: Scrutinizes websites to pinpoint areas of improvement and ensure optimal performance.

  • Traffic Checker: Evaluates website traffic, providing insights into visitor behavior and site popularity.

  • Content Editor & Leads List: Enhances content to be SEO-friendly and gathers potential business leads.

  • Keyword Tracking: Monitors selected keywords and their performance in search engine rankings.

  • AI Chat: A recent update that lets users interact with potential customers in real time, enhancing user experience.

  • AI Keywords Functionality: Uses artificial intelligence to suggest improvements for website content, ensuring it's optimized for search engines.

Since April 2023, I've been proudly affiliated with Shine Ranker. My goal? To champion small business owners. I offer free digital real estate website traffic guides to not only sharpen their understanding of their online footprint but also invite them to join my comprehensive email list.

Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

But before diving deep, it's important to clarify some terminologies.

  1. Affiliate: An affiliate promotes products/services and earns a commission for every sale made through their referral.
  2. JV Partner (Joint Venture Partner): Two or more parties collaborate for mutual benefit, pooling their resources, and sharing the risks and rewards.

Behind the Scenes with Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner has graciously offered insights into his business operations by lifting the curtain on platforms such as Thrive Cart, ConvertKit, and YouTube. Chase has put in a lot of effort into developing a system that allows him to earn over $100k per month without having to do much work. He revealed how he automates his content marketing plan for his business as an entrepreneur. Let's take a look at his daily digital real estate content marketing strategy.

Daily Content Marketing Strategy

  • Three reels daily
    • Chase focuses on creating short videos for platforms like Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. These bite-sized videos are perfect for capturing people's attention and driving traffic to his offers.
  • One long-form piece of content per day
    • In addition to the short videos, Chase also produces one long-form piece of content every day. This could be in the form of a blog post or a YouTube video where he goes more in-depth on specific topics related to AI and digital real estate.
  • Two emails per day
    • Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience and promote your products/services. Chase sends out two emails every day to nurture his subscriber base and keep them updated on new offerings. 
  • Two new accounts per week
    • Building multiple income streams is crucial for any successful entrepreneur. Chase aims to create two new accounts each week, whether it be through affiliate partnerships or launching new digital products.
  • 100 sign-ups per day
    • To achieve consistent revenue growth, attracting new customers is vital. By aiming for 100 sign-ups per day across various channels such as social media platforms or landing pages, Chase can ensure a steady stream of new leads.
  • 1000 emails per day
    • Along with attracting new customers, Chase also focuses on growing his email list. Sending out promotional emails to a targeted audience allows him to nurture relationships and drive conversions.
  • $9700 revenue per day
    • Ultimately, the goal is to generate significant revenue on a daily basis. Chase sets his sights on achieving $9700 in revenue every day by leveraging various monetization strategies such as selling digital products or offering consulting services. 

While this may seem like an ambitious plan for someone who is just starting their online journey, Chase reassures workshop attendees that it's possible with dedication and consistency. He does mention that there are expenses involved in running such a profitable business, including labor costs, tools/software expenses, and support staff.

Chase Reiner's Online Journey

Chase Reiner's journey to success was not without its bumps. If you're keen on making money online, here are three crucial lessons from his experience:

  1. Choice Matters: Decide between offering services, courses, or SAAS. Chase chose the latter, and it made all the difference.
  2. Expertise is Key: Ensure your blog topic relates to your business niche and expertise.
  3. Be Generous: Sharing knowledge and resources, as Chase did, can propel you forward and cement your reputation.

The Course-Based Business Era

Chase started his entrepreneurial journey by creating courses, which allowed him to make a significant amount of money initially. However, through experience, he realized that course-based businesses lack high exit value compared to other business models.

Pivoting towards Software

Recognizing the limitations of course-based and service-based businesses, Chase made an important decision - pivoting towards building software companies. In the workshop, Chase explains why software businesses have a higher potential for scalability and exit value.

Kajabi has the ability to have all-in-one marketing in one place. Kajabi empowers you to create all kinds of content to showcase what you know best, including online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, email marketing campaigns, website creation, landing pages, Kajabi University, and more. No excuses. Just results.

Benefits of Software Businesses

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies can achieve remarkable valuations and exit values due to their recurring revenue model. Chase discusses in the workshop how even a one-million-dollar per year subscription-based company can be sold for five to ten million dollars or more.

Recurring Revenue vs One-time Courses

Building a successful software company takes time and investment but offers tremendous growth potential in terms of valuation and profitability. Growing a business inevitably comes with challenges and stressors; however, it's crucial not to get caught up in day-to-day issues but rather remain centered on long-term goals. It is hard to have recurring revenue with service-based business, coaching, and one-time courses. SAAS sets up automation for your business, but it is a growth process to get there.

Is $100k per month really $100k per month?

Despite making over $100k per month, Chase emphasizes the importance of not keeping all the money earned but instead strategically spending it to lessen tax burdens at year-end. In Q4 specifically, he writes off labor and advertising expenses as legitimate deductions to save money as an entrepreneur. He shares he spends maybe about $50k if not more each month on taxes, labor, and expenses. So realize that there is a cost to everything. 

Shrine Ranker Financials

Chase shares that he had four unsuccessful attempts with different tools before creating a successful business called Shrineranker. He provides insights into the company's financials, disclosing that they have generated approximately $1.5 million year-to-date and about $2 million in the last 12 months. Chase clarifies that his intention is not to boast but rather to demonstrate the effectiveness of his system. He also mentions that most of their revenue comes from organic sources, with minimal expenditure on advertisements. Chase further discusses two payment processors utilized by Shrineranker: Stripe and PayPal.

  • On Stripe, as of September 6th, their gross volume for this year stands at $833k, while over the past four weeks alone it amounted to $77k.
  • Regarding PayPal transactions during the last 12 months, they generated revenue totaling $1.2 million; within the recent four-week period there were 77 transactions amounting to $103k in earnings.
  • Combining both Stripe and PayPal activities over a span of 30 days yields a total revenue of around $180k (excluding refunds) – however, this figure does not represent net profit or account for variations among different businesses' experiences. (Chase uses Quickbooks for online accounting).

What does Chase Reiner's System look like that makes money?

Chase then provides a timeline of his entrepreneurial journey, starting with his service-based business, which generated 50k a month but left him overworked and miserable. He eventually shifted to selling courses to have more flexibility. 

  • Chase emphasizes the importance of setting goals and having a clear target in order to achieve success.
  • Without goals and a timeframe, it is like driving a car without a steering wheel - you're bound to crash. 
  • Chase encourages viewers to determine their own goals and pick a timeframe for achieving them.
  • Break down your goals into smaller chunks, such as 30-day periods, and then break those down further into days, hours, and minutes.

By doing this, one can identify the actions and tasks necessary to reach their goals, and it becomes easier to prioritize and eliminate distractions that do not contribute to their desired outcome. With the system Chase has laid out, achieving $10,000 per month is doable with the right focus and dedication. 

$10,000 in 30 days 

Chase breaks down the system of making $10,000 in sales in 30 days. It is achievable by selling products or services and to calculate the daily sales needed.

  • If your goal is $10,000 in 30 days, divide $10,000 by 30, which gives you a goal of $333 in sales per day.

 When looking at that number, you must consider the value of time and the need to outsource tasks to focus on the most valuable activities. Chase has been successful with this system, making over two million dollars in the past year, and the importance of working on the business rather than in it.

If you aren't making at least $1,000 with AI in an automated system you are doing something wrong. One of the biggest opportunities on the internet right now is automation and AI. Take the things from this workshop and make your first $1,000 in sales.

Importance of Priorities and Goals

If you don't have a list of goals, you aren't going to get to your destination. Imagine driving a car without a steering wheel. You are just going to crash. It's also important to have a time frame. If you don't have a time frame, you aren't going to get it done. If you don't say when you want it by, it is like driving without gas. When do you want to accomplish this?

What is the target you are trying to hit?

  • If you are trying to get to $1,000 in sales, what do we have to do to get to $1,000 in sales?
  • Chase's goal is to go from $140k software to $200k software - a breakdown of what he has to do to hit the target.
  • Imagine a 30-day challenge, What would be the first goal you would like to hit? $1k, $10k
  • What we need to do is break it down. What are we going to do in the 30 days to get to your financial goal? 
  • What are we doing in the 30 days?

Planning is critical for success, organization, and accountability. Write it down to get the results you are looking for.

You aren't making $10k per month?

Shine Ranker sells regularly for $97/month. Try the annual pass for a discount! If you're not making significant progress towards earning $10k per month yet, it means there are other things taking priority over the actions necessary for achieving that financial goal.

  • By prioritizing tasks that directly contribute to your goal rather than engaging in unproductive activities like scrolling through social media, you increase your chances of success.
  • Creating a system and focusing on important tasks helps eliminate distractions and ensures progress toward your desired outcome.
  • Having priorities also implies knowing what activities are essential and deserve more attention.

Ultimately, establishing objectives with defined timelines holds individuals accountable while providing structure and direction toward success. Following along with workshops or seeking accountability partners can further enhance performance and yield better results in reaching one's goals. 

How To Get To Result

You have to have a system to get to your results. Let's continue through Chase's system.

Break down how much money we are going to make per day and what we are going to have to sell to get to this result.

  • We need to make $333 per day in sales to be able to earn $10,000 in a month. 
  • What activities will produce $300 in sales every single day?
  • You may have a bad product or in the wrong area. Identify something people need.

Making Money Online is a Numbers Game 

There are numerous avenues to generate income, such as providing services, engaging in affiliate programs, offering courses, and working for food delivery platforms like DoorDash. One potential approach is going door to door and providing window cleaning or car detailing services that are in demand. By acquiring just three customers willing to pay $110 each, it's possible to earn $10k per month. However, success depends on these factors

  • Determining your desired outcome
  • Identifying the product or service you wish to offer
  • Being dedicated enough to take necessary actions towards achieving your goal.  

Make More by Doing More

Diversification plays a crucial role in any wealth plan, particularly when it comes to making money online. By spreading investments and income streams across various platforms and industries, individuals can minimize risks associated with market volatility or the failure of one particular venture.

In the digital age, where opportunities for generating income online abound, diversification becomes even more essential. Relying solely on a single source of online income exposes individuals to potential financial instability if that channel falters. However, by diversifying their online earnings through multiple avenues such as:

  • Blogging
  • E-commerce ventures
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing gigs

individuals can ensure a steady stream of revenue and increase their chances of long-term financial success. Ultimately, embracing diversification in one's wealth plan is vital for safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances while maximizing earning potential in the vast realm of online opportunities.

Working On Your Business vs. In Your Business

How much is your time worth? How much do you spend in your business vs. how much money you make? Don't spend a lot of time in the business.

On Your Business

  • Working on delegation
  • Working on strategy
  • Working on innovation
  • Working on hiring

In Your Business

  • Boss and the worker
  • Manual things - hourly rate

At a certain point, you want to go from 'you working for money' to your money working for you. That means spending money produces a greater result than what you are paying.

  • For example, if you are paying someone $10/hour going door to door selling chocolate bars
    • The owner provides the inventory and everything they need.
  • In 3 hours, they produce $100 in sales 
    • Owner paid for inventory, paid for hourly time
    • Owner takes $50, you just get the employee

If your hourly time is $41/hour (can't delegate until you produce). Your time is valuable.

  • If you are spending 8 hours per day and half of that time is on Facebook with no strategy
  • You spent 4 hours of your work day, and it cost you $166.
  • For 30 days, that costs you $5,000 - half of your $10k goal.

Lack of focus has cost you thousands of dollars. The fact you haven't sat down and figured out the following yet:

  • What your goal is
  • How you are going to break it down in sales
  • What you are going to sell
  • What your hourly rate is
  • What do you want? What are your goals?

For those who haven't done that, and haven't made $10,000 online yet, our lack of focus and planning got you here. The thing you are doing currently, you have to change this behavior. Until you change this, you will not change your result.

It's not about a product, a hack, what you've learned, what you are selling, or some special AI tool - it only has to do with your priorities, your focus, your planning, and your goal. Don't worry about what other people are doing. Own It. It has to do with your personal mindset and goals. What will make you happy at the end of your goal? Meet people where they are.


How did Chase get to $2M per year?


First, in order to make money with AI and automation, you need people to buy things from us. It all starts here. If you don't have people interested in buying anything from you, you can't make money.

  • The easiest way to get leads is short-form content because it gets views
    • Get people on the phone and walk people through what you are selling
    • Get results for people as quickly as possible.
    • Selling what is valuable to that person
    • How much is the person you are selling to making?
  • Post 30-60s videos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Reels, Facebook Reels
  • Short Form content gets a lot of views
  • You don't have to have followers to get leads and views
  • If you can get views, you can get leads.

Recommended - If you can 2-3 short videos per day on IG/Facebook/YT/TikTok - you can get 100 to 200 leads in the first month, if not more. Then, can you sell?

Door Knocking

Being an insurance broker, door-knocking is a part of the face-to-face marketing design. Anyone can go and knock on doors. Reasonably, you can knock on 100 doors. The issue isn't whether you get the leads or people to open their doors. The issue is knowing if will they buy. What are you selling? What are they interested in? Remember, you are selling value.


If you aren't getting the results you want, and you have time to work (more time than money), then work and learn the thing you are trying to do and sell. As you get further in your journey, it reverses where you have more money than you have time. Then you delegate at this point.

  • For example, if you are an affiliate with Shrineranker, and want to sell the $1 Shrine Ranker membership, $97/month - and you make 40% for every one you sell.
  • Have virtual assistants and AI to do everything you need to do - content, videos
  • Automation will help with saving time and make more money
  • You can get someone to run your automation for $3-$15/hour (Virtual Assistant) with online jobs

You want people asking you about the price as it is so valuable. You have to be aggressive and not worry about what others think at times. Don't worry about what you are trying to get, worry about what they are trying to get. It's not hard to build a profitable relationship if you bring more to the table than the other person.

Instead of focusing on what you are selling, focus on who you are selling to, and what are they getting. How much value can you give to that person they feel uncomfortable not paying you?

You can use Shrine Ranker or hire a video editor. Chase pays about $20 per short video to have people edit the videos. Then, Chase uses an AI post-generating software,, and posts this on several different platforms.

Then focus on fulfillment as the last step.

  1. Creating content/scheduling out
  2. Respond to leads/get phone
  3. Fulfillment

The key is to build and be smart enough to know things that other people don't know. If you want to sell something, add value. It's never the product, it isn't perceived as valuable enough yet for them to buy. How do you add value?

  • Get on phone
  • Offer a training
  • Offer a free setup

Dominic Baptist, an affiliate with Go High Level (a software company), has 18k subscribers on YouTube and makes $200k a month as an affiliate. He gets on the phone with people sells a $300 service and helps people get set up with his tool.

You can sell a service - for $300 such as helping people get their AI videos automated for you. Give them the affiliate link, get paid for the service, and you get paid monthly as an affiliate.

Own It. What Will You Design?

You have to find the approach that is best for you. Chase Reiner's last takeaways - Set a goal and a time frame. In this AI-enhanced era of digital real estate and platforms like Shine Ranker, Chat GPTGoogle Bard's AI, ChatSonic, and an AI tools directory - the barriers to education have crumbled. All the tools you need are right in front of you, awaiting your proactive step. So, what's your vision for your future? Embark with me on this captivating journey of Acts of Kindness as we guide entrepreneurs in unveiling their inner billionaire potential.

A big shout-out to Chase Reiner for his undying perseverance and for introducing such an incredible AI tool for budding entrepreneurs. Dive in and shape your destiny. What's your grand design?

Check out the reviews of Shine Ranker for yourself. Join the Being the Change VIP 100 community now and inspire your small business with acts of kindness. Let's transform businesses, one kind act at a time. Own it!



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