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Road to 44: Own It Design Your Reality with Acts of Kindness Adriane Mayes

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Road to 44: Own It. Design Your Reality Adriane Mayes' Acts of Kindness Movement

Road to 44: Own It. Design Your Reality Adriane Mayes' Acts of Kindness Movement

The 7-Day Countdown to Her Birthday

Just seven days before turning 44, Adriane Mayes took the world by storm with her audacious yet genuine strategy. In the vast sea of life, Adriane decided to set sail on her own terms. She didn't merely decide to own her material possessions but decided to own her accountability. From her mistakes and failures to her successes, everything was owned with pride and grace.


Acts of Kindness - A Community and a Movement

What stands out is Adriane's 'Acts of Kindness' community on Kajabi. But what's the real story behind the story? The heart of this founding community, with over 1800 videos on YouTube, pulses with challenges to share stories of courage, resilience, and determination. Each community member pledges to carry forward this movement, making kindness a way of life rather than an occasional act.

A Turning Point - The Mentorship of Zach Crawford

Amidst her journey, the Straight Line Leadership principles and the invaluable mentorship of Zach Crawford (Adriane's can't help her brain follows the money; Zach sharing with his community making $650k per month helping people with his system and strategy) stood out as a beacon of transformation for Adriane in her high-ticket affiliate marketing journey. This partnership wasn’t just about following a set path but about making conscious choices. It was about embracing the power of questions. As one of the transformative coaching principles suggests: "Questions often make people uncomfortable, and effective questions can have a profound impact, going beyond mere chatting or therapy-lite."

The Power of Transformative Questions

  1. What would make this conversation amazingly useful to you? - This isn’t a simple question. It's an invitation to dive deep, to really think about what you want from life, from your ventures, from your relationships.

  2. How do you want to use the rest of your life? - Many might argue, life happens to them. But Adriane, influenced by Crawford, sees life as a raw opportunity. A chance to design her reality.

  3. What if you could act decisively without fear? - Fear is a deterrent, an inhibitor. But what if it were absent? Would you still make the same choices? This question challenges individuals to look beyond their fears, to think about their true desires and aspirations.

  4. What’s missing? - A poignant question. Often the answer isn’t about the means or methods but the will to make a choice.

A Choice to Change

As Adriane eloquently states, "Change is never a matter of ability. It is a matter of choice." The question remains, where do we choose to come from? Our fears, our limitations, or our aspirations?

Investing in Oneself

When the world was raving about various online programs, courses, and millionaire mentors, Adriane’s choice to invest in Zach Crawford's program in October 2022 was not just a shot in the dark. It wasn’t about a millionaire mentor, but about addressing her pain points and optimizing her potential. It was an investment in self-education and personal growth.

As the clock ticks, reminding us of the mere 24 hours in a day, Adriane's determination to win shines brighter than ever. It's a mindset, a reality she's designed for herself. One can't help but admire Adriane Mayes as she turns 44, a year that promises immense growth, boundless opportunities, and acts of kindness that can change the world.

A Deep Dive into Adriane's Mindset

As she approached the landmark age of 44, Adriane's mindset metamorphosed in a way that commanded attention. It wasn't about the number of candles on her birthday cake, or taking an extravagant trip out of town. This year was about Owning It. Making a choice to redesign the blueprint of her life, birthdays, holidays, and celebrations. It was about the journey, the years of wisdom, challenges, and choices that each candle represented.

One might wonder, what is it about turning 44 that has become so transformative for Adriane? The answer lies not in the age but in the realization that accompanies it. It’s an age where one stands on the delicate cusp between lived experiences and future aspirations. A phase of life where many contemplate, reconsider, and sometimes, reinvent.

The Power of Accountability

Adriane's narrative isn't about shunning responsibilities but embracing them. Owning mistakes doesn't weaken her; it strengthens her resolve. Every failure is seen as a stepping stone, every setback an opportunity to learn, and every success a reminder of her resilience.

Her concept of "Own It" is truly revolutionary. In a world where it's convenient to pass the buck, Adriane stands tall, urging everyone to own their narrative. Her actions loudly proclaim, “Your life, your story!”

Acts of Kindness: A Ripple Effect

What started as a simple initiative building upon making a few dollars with Chat GPT and affiliate marketing, Acts of Kindness on Kajabi has now the opportunity to become a movement. Every member of Being the Change's Acts of Kindness community will be a testament to the change one person can instigate. With every act, they're not just making someone's day but are altering the very fabric of society. Adriane wants small business owners to see the Own It Design Your Reality Acts of Kindness AI Digital Real Estate small business community as heartwarming. Register for the birthday balooza and submit your acts of kindness challenge in the Kajabi community. Take a look for yourself how Adriane, CCC Because We Care Foundation and Being the Change, LLC is building a platform where kindness isn't an exception but the norm.

The Mentor and the Mentee: A Synergistic Relationship

The guidance of your coach or mentor isn’t about telling you what to do; it's about empowering you to make choices.  Daniel Chou and Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire Coaching Program guided Adriane to the right situation he suggested. Under mentorship with Adriane, discover the power of transformative coaching. By asking the right questions, the goal is to nudge you to find answers within yourself. This introspection not only sharpens your goals but also crystallizes your vision.


Embracing the Digital Age

While Adriane acknowledges the innumerable digital courses and programs available, her investment in self-education is discerning. She understands the importance of adapting to the digital age but on her own terms. With every course she undertook, she wasn't just seeking to gain information but to evolve and help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

A Year of Promises

As Adriane steps into her 44th year, she doesn't see it as just another birthday. It’s a promise to herself and to the world. A promise to own every moment, to spread kindness like confetti, to continuously learn, and to remain undeterred by failures.

The journey to 44 has been monumental for Adriane Mayes. But one thing’s certain, this year is just a precursor to many more milestones, triumphs, and acts of kindness.

Into the Future: The Horizon Beyond 44

As Adriane embarks on this new chapter, the energy surrounding her is palpable. With 44 years of life's rich tapestry behind her, she’s looking at the horizon with a renewed vision.


Expanding the Acts of Kindness Movement 

While the community on Kajabi has been built, Adriane has broader plans to grow the Acts of Kindness community. She's contemplating a mastermind in Bali 2024 for her coaching VIP 20 and Acts of Kindness  VIP 100 community partners, a global tour with speaking engagements, aiming to touch lives across continents. By organizing workshops, community events, virtual learning environments, and interactive sessions, she seeks to turn this online initiative into a worldwide grassroots Acts of Kindness movement.

The Evolution of a Digital Maven

Adriane's digital journey, punctuated by informed choices in self-education, is slated to grow further. She launched her own online course, Monetize Your Unique Why Acts of Kindness AI Digital Real Estate Course, pooling together her vast experiences, learnings, and wisdom. The course, expectedly, isn't just about success metrics or growth hacks; it encompasses life lessons, resilience strategies, and the power of transformative choices. The transformation is dealing with first owning the center of your OWN personal community of - faith, family, fears, finance and fitness - then helping others accordingly. Not the other way around.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The mentorship with all of the coaching partners was transformative, but Adriane realizes the power of collaborative growth. She's actively seeking partnerships with thought leaders, influencers, and change-makers. These collaborations aim to create a symphony of ideas, methodologies, and visions that can shape societies.

How to Invest In Coaching Own It Design Your Reality VIP 20 and VIP 100

The VIP 20 and VIP 100 within the Own It Design Your Reality Acts of Kindness Small Business community is a limited founding member collaboration. Exclusively spotlighting 20 businesses for unparalleled coaching and 100 businesses for acts of consistent kindness, we strive to be a beacon of monthly guidance, unwavering support, and indispensable resources for fervent entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our ethos is rooted deeply in the principles of taking personal ownership, crafting our realities, and fostering an environment of heartfelt kindness - all of which are monumental in driving both personal and business success.

We champion personal accountability paired with proactive measures, integrated seamlessly with top-tier business coaching. Together, this forms a holistic strategy aimed at bolstering both personal and professional development. Dive into Design Your Reality and discover the art of Monetizing Your Unique Why. Together, let's revolutionize consulting, forging a path that transforms not just our businesses but the very essence of consulting itself. Remember, the strength of kindness cannot be understated, and its power in business is profound. 

Personal Evolution: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Beyond her professional endeavors, Adriane is delving deep into personal wellness. She has secured a therapist in her camp, Michael Dubose, holistic health regimens, and even travel adventure retreat plans growing the message of Acts of Kindness. Each of these pursuits isn’t just about personal enjoyment but about pushing boundaries, challenging limits, and experiencing life in its myriad shades.

'Own It' – Beyond a Mantra

“Own It” will soon be more than just a mantra for Adriane. She's penning down her life’s journey in a book by the same title. When the 20/100 goal is reached, it will be time to document the journey. Participants in the founding level of Own It Design Your Reality will create the narrative. In the future, readers will find more than just a biography; it will be a treasure trove of life lessons, anecdotes, and a testament to the power of owning one’s narrative. One thing at a time, but the key is to design your plan.


A Beacon for Many

In the grand tapestry of life, every individual has a unique thread to contribute. Adriane, with her luminous thread of kindness, consistency, resilience, and authenticity, stands out. Her journey to 44 and beyond serves as a beacon for many, reminding them that age isn’t a countdown but a count-up of experiences, learnings, and transformations. Want to support Adriane for her birthday and give her a gift on September 6? Give her what you want! It's a birthday gift!

The road ahead for Adriane Mayes is not just about personal milestones or professional accolades. It's about leaving an indelible mark, touching lives, and above all, owning every moment with grace, courage, and kindness. The world watches in anticipation, eager to witness the magic that Adriane will weave in the years to come. I can. I will. I must. Let's Go! Any questions, please don't hesitate to take action and be a part of change!



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