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Magic Johnson Billionaire: Programming Your Mind for Success

acts of kindness entrepreneur highlight Oct 30, 2023
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Programming Your Mind for Success: Designing Your Reality the Magic Johnson Way


Magic Johnson's a billionaire! And, he is joining an elite club of billionaires Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Lebron James. Earvin Magic Johnson didn't just wake up one day as a billionaire. He took action, faced his fears, learned from his failures, and kept pushing forward. Does that sound familiar? For any budding entrepreneur, this journey might strike a chord. There's a dream, a vision of success, but often fear and doubts act as barriers.

Nine years ago, Carrie Green stood on a Tedx stage in Manchester, shedding light on an entrepreneur's internal battle. Fear versus the power of our mind. It’s a conflict we all face. Yet, the greats like Magic Johnson show us that success is attainable when we program our minds right.

Want the secret formula? Let's break it down together serial entrepreneurs.

Family: Your Personal Cheerleading Squad

Your family's like the base of a LEGO tower. It’s what you build everything upon. When the going gets tough, these are the folks who have your back.

Remember Steve Jobs? Before Apple became a giant, it was a tiny project in a garage. Steve's family was his rock, supporting and believing in his vision. Without their belief, our world might have looked a lot different!

Faith and Fears: The Eternal Tug of War

Faith is that little voice telling you, "You can do it!" even when everything seems dark. And fears? Well, they’re the hurdles on your racetrack. Jump over them!

Our man, Magic Johnson, faced loads of challenges. But did he quit? No! His faith was bigger than his fears, making him a real-life superhero.

Finance and Fitness: Your Sword and Shield

Finances help you invest, build, and grow. They're your sword in the entrepreneurial battleground. And fitness? That's your shield, keeping you strong and ready.

Ever heard of billionaire talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey? She often spoke about how staying fit kept her on her toes, allowing her to handle her empire's finance side like a boss.


3 Ways How to Program Your Mind for Success

So, now you might ask, How do I program my mind around these?

  1. Embrace Transformation - You've got one shot at life. What lights your fire? Figure it out and pursue it.
  2. Paint Your Masterpiece - The life you lead today is based on past choices. Want a different picture? Start painting it with your actions now.
  3. Own Your Story - We're taught to fit in, but why not stand out? Always be hungry for knowledge. Grow, evolve, and keep learning.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey isn’t a walk in the park. But with the right mindset, every challenge becomes a stepping stone. So, harness the power of your mind, and design your billionaire reality.

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Here’s to turning dreams into realities!

I can. I will. I must. Let's Go!🚀

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