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No Travis Kelce? Unifying Sports: A Detroit Lions Fan's Heartfelt Journey to a Chiefs Game

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A Journey from Motor City, Detroit, MI to the Heart of America - Kansas City, Missouri

In a world where rivalries can sometimes be intense and polarizing, Enyka Gaines, the heartwarming Acts of Kindness Coach from Detroit, decided to bridge the gap. Even as a die-hard Detroit Lions fan, Enyka embarked on a journey to Kansas City, all in the name of kindness.

No Travis Kelce? No Problem!

The buzz in the NFL community was evident. Speculations ran wild. Why was a Detroit Lions fan traveling all the way to a Kansas City Chiefs game? Was there a secret collaboration with Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' star tight end? But as it turns out, Enyka's trip had nothing to do with player collaborations or secret game strategies. Instead, it was purely about spreading kindness in the passionate world of football. Enyka Gaines is a true Detroit Lions Fan.

Fresh off the presentation of the Andrea Gardner Acts of Kindness $500 Small Business Award to Jenice Mitchell Ford, our very own Detroit Lions superfan, Enyka Gaines, is on the move! Embarking on a journey from Detroit Metro Airport to Kansas City, Enyka carries with her a heart full of hope and acts of kindness. Will her positive vibes sprinkle some magic for a 'win' at the Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL opener tonight at 8:20? Let’s find out!

$500 Andrea Gardner Acts of Kindness Small Business Award 

The Acts of Kindness Small Business Award provides a small business owner, with carrying forward Andrea Gardner's spirit of determination, creativity, and resilience. 

Jenice Mitchell Ford is described in Crain Detroit as "the most powerful person in Detroit you've never heard of."  The network of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated has helped designed powerful women since 1913, thank God for that community! Thank you Jenice Mitchell Ford for making waves in the community.

Her impact on Adriane Mayes and Enyka Gaines has been tremendous. Modeling the behavior of a sister, a soror - Jenice's dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, which is why she was chosen as the September recipient of the Andrea Gardner Acts of Kindness $500 Small Business Award.

Acts of Kindness Small Business Award Recipient: Jenice Mitchell Ford

Ford's business of living life to the fullest has had a significant impact on the local economy, providing jobs for residents and contributing to the overall growth of the community. She has shown resilience and determination in Owning It. Designing her reality - running her business, overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

But it's not just about her success as an entrepreneur providing free workshops in legislation and communication; Ford also gives back to her community in various ways. For the last six years, Jenice Mitchell Ford has held the position of General Counsel at Detroit Public Schools Community District. Don't be afraid to check out Jenice Mitchell Ford's digital real estate on Linked In.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. did not make any mistakes collaborating with the A-Mayzing Jenice Mitchell Ford. Whether it's through her former connections (Martin Luther King High School -Detroit, MI; Georgetown University; Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law; Foley and Lardner LLP Clark Hill PLC), charitable donations, volunteering, or supporting other small businesses, she understands the importance of kindness and giving back.
Adriane Mayes celebrating her 44th birthday virtually, and Enyka Gaines, a passionate Detroit Lions fan and Acts of Kindness small business coach, saw this kind-heartedness in Ford and wanted to recognize her Acts of Kindness efforts. That's the reason why Enyka Gaines, small business owner of Gaines Family Tax Services, donated $500 to the Andrea Gardner Acts of Kindness Small Business Award presented with Adriane's Virtual Birthday Balooza on September 6, 2023.

Now Gaines is taking her positive energy on a trip to Kansas City to support her beloved Lions at their game against the Chiefs. With hopes that her acts of kindness will bring some luck for both herself and her team. Gaines is spreading positivity wherever and everywhere she goes.

But before heading off to watch the game live, be sure to join Adriane Mayes' live session at 7 pm EST. Mayes will unveil during the Acts of Kindness Small Business Kajabi Growth Hour (Thursdays at 7pm EST)

Own It. Design Your Reality, is an innovative strategy aimed at helping small business owners conquer thier faith, family, fears, fitness, and finances to achieve success. This strategy aligns perfectly with Being the Change's Billionaire Acts of Kindness Wealth Creation Strategy – empowering entrepreneurs like Jenice Mitchell Ford to thrive while still giving back.
So let's cheer on Enyka Gaines as she travels from Detroit Metro Airport to Kansas City with acts of kindness in tow! Will these positive vibes translate into a victory for our Detroit Lions? Only time will tell!

Thank You, Jenice Mitchell Ford - Acts of Kindness

We must acknowledge individuals like Jenice Mitchell Ford who are making a difference in their communities. Their acts of kindness and dedication to their businesses inspire us all to do better and give back. And with Adriane Mayes and Enyka Gaines leading the way, we can expect even more acts of kindness and positivity to come.

So stay tuned as we follow Being the Change's Acts of Kindness journey and see if their positive energy will create magic for both the Lions and those they encounter along the way!

Acts of Kindness on the Field

From sharing tips on the plane or heartwarming text messages with fans from both teams to distributing acts of kindness tokens to remind everyone about the importance of love and connection, Enyka turned the usual competitive game day atmosphere into a heartwarming celebration of camaraderie.

The Takeaway

It's a reminder that no matter how fierce the competition, kindness always has a place. Even in the midst of sporting rivalries, there's room for unity, love, and understanding. Thanks to Adriane Mayes and Enyka Gaines, many will watch tonight's Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chief game on YouTube with more than just a scoreline – they will watch with a renewed spirit of kindness.

I Can. I Will. I Must. Let's Go!

To find out more about Acts of Kindness AI High Ticket Digital Real Estate Community Wealth Creation Coaches Adriane Mayes and Enyka Gaines click here.

Being the Change. Because We Care.

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