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Celebrate, Remember, Give: Honoring Tarome “Coolaide” Wright’s 52nd Birthday and Legacy

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Join Team Coolaide Lovely Bday in the Double Good Fundraiser

This September 30 - October 4, 2023, let’s gather together to celebrate the joyous spirit and infectious laughter of Tarome “Coolaide” Wright on what would have been his 52nd birthday. Through Team Coolaide Lovely Bday’s Double Good Fundraiser, in partnership with CCC Because We Care Foundation and Lovely Day Community Home, we're aiming to raise funds for cancer awareness and spread smiles through random acts of kindness in our community.

About CCC Because We Care Foundation

    • 501 c3 organization established 14 years ago
    • Organizer of the impactful fundraiser - Rock the Mic talent showcase (Coolaide was the host - 2010)

  • Devoted to celebrating and supporting individuals who infuse joy and laughter into the lives of others

Lovely Day Community Home: A Legacy of Giving

    • Founded by Janet Wright in 2021
    • Inspired and named after the comforting and uplifting “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers (one of Cooolaide's favorite songs) 

  • Before Coolaide passed, Created as a beacon of love and support for cancer survivors and a hub for generosity in the community
  • A living tribute to Tarome, whose life and comedy brought light and laughter to many

Coolaide Lovely Day with Double Good: Our Fundraiser

  • Celebrating Tarome “Coolaide” Wright’s 52nd Birthday and Legacy
  • Dedicated to raising funds for cancer awareness and fostering acts of kindness
  • Running from September 30, 2023 to October 4, 2023

How You Can Support

  1. Visit our fundraiser page here.
  2. Participate in the Double Good Fundraiser by Team Coolaide Lovely Bday
  3. Donate generously to support cancer survivors and spread joy through random acts of kindness in the community

Let’s Celebrate and Give Together!

As we remember Tarome on his birthday, let his legacy of laughter, generosity, and love inspire us to give selflessly. With your support, we can make a significant impact on cancer awareness and bring smiles to faces with our acts of kindness. Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating and giving from September 30 to October 4!

For more details, please visit our fundraiser page. Your support makes a world of difference! I can. I Will. I Must. Let's go!



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