Ever wondered how some people seem to live the dream, making money while enjoying life to the fullest? They could be successful brand ambassadors, and guess what? You can be one too! Introducing Ambsdr, the revolutionary program that's here to turn your dreams into reality. I got started with the program June 21, 2022 and doing an updated review. So, if you're tired of your mundane job and ready to embrace a new, exciting lifestyle, you've come to the right place!

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Ambsr Review - Overview

  • Product: Ambsdr.com
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Owner: Chris Luck
  • Price: $1,997 one time or $797 three times
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Recommended?: Yes, especially for beginners


Ambsdr offers a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Course that Covers Everything from basics to advanced strategies.

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Ambsdr - Overview

Ambsdr is a simple, beginner-friendly system that teaches you affiliate marketing, and how to promote products online to become a brand ambassador. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model which a company compensates third-party partners for promoting products and services and generating business.

With Ambsdr video classes to guide you through the step-by-step process, you’ll learn exactly what the biggest brands on the planet need right now and how you can help them.

Affiliate Marketing Chris Luck Ambsdr Review

With this course, you can learn how to be a brand ambassador. They teach you how to build, amplify and multiply your business to reach your personal income goals.

Ambsdr - What is it?

Ambsdr is designed to teach you the art of becoming a successful brand ambassador. Brand ambassadorship is all about representing and promoting products or services you genuinely believe in, and in turn, earning a commission for every sale you generate. For example, imagine being paid to promote your favorite skincare products or fitness gear – sounds pretty amazing, right?

Ambsdr - Who is the creator?

The mastermind behind Ambsdr is Chris Luck, a seasoned entrepreneur with over $25 million dollars in sales since 1999. Inspired by his own success, Chris created Ambsdr to help others achieve financial freedom and lead fulfilling lives.

You'll learn how to effectively promote products online, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain access to invaluable educational resources and support.

Ambsdr - Who Is It For?

So, who can benefit from Ambsdr? Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a college student, or simply someone seeking financial freedom, Ambsdr's beginner-friendly approach is perfect for you.

Ambsdr - How Can I Make Money Online?

With every course, you can make money online. However, overnight especially with this program, it is not possible. The way Chris presents his information, it is informative enough to be used as a resource to set up your online foundation. That is honestly how he should market his course. To overcome the challenges mentioned earlier, consider these tips:

  1. Start small: Begin by promoting products you're passionate about and have personal experience with, making it easier to connect with potential customers.
  2. Stay focused: Set realistic goals, create a schedule, and dedicate time each day to building your brand ambassador business.
  3. Learn from the best: Leverage the Ambsdr community and trending educational YouTube resources to continually improve your skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Ready to take the plunge and create the life you've always wanted? Join Ambsdr today and begin your journey to becoming a successful brand ambassador! The world of financial freedom and endless possibilities awaits you.

Freedom Accelerator

Freedom Accelerator: Learn how to set up your online foundation to make money online with affiliate marketing. Beginner friendly.

Get Started with Freedom Accelerator Now

I would recommend looking into a coaching program that would help you with setting up your foundation of online success that includes an affiliate program. Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya has a step-by-step program that shows you how to make money online, and accepts all products and programs! The goal is to make sure you have a community of support to help you get to your why! Click here to get started with the free webinair to see if Freedom Accelerator is for you!

Ambsdr and Influencer Differences

An AMBSDR and an Influencer are similar in that they both promote a brand or product, but there are some key differences between the two.

An AMBSDR is someone who is formally aligned with a brand and talks about the brand on an ongoing basis. An Influencer, on the other hand, is someone who has a large following on social media and is able to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. They may be paid by a brand to promote a product or service, but they are not necessarily formally aligned with the brand or company.

In summary, an AMBSDR is a formal representative of a brand, whereas an influencer is a social media personality who promotes a brand or product.

Ambsdr vs. Other Courses

There are a lot of options and price points in affiliate marketing courses. The difference with Ambsdr vs. other online programs are it's variety options.

What's The Ambsdr Courses?

  • This is where you’ll get all of your training (including the Certification)
  • Chris is always adding new courses and training on a regular basis
  • All of the courses are going to have the most up-to-date information
  • You will NEVER have to buy another course as long as you’re a member
  • Chris will teach you absolutely everything you need to do to grow your business
  • And he’ll do it, by actually SHOWING YOU how he's doing it (in transparency)
  • Currently, he has a list of a few dozen courses he is already going create
  • Ideas for new courses come from the Weekly Livestream Parties
  • If you have an idea for a new course, show up to a party and let Chris know!
  • Chris COULD charge at least $500 per course (like everyone else does)
  • You will always get every course I release inside AMBSDR FOR FREE
  • As long as you’re a member of AMBSDR

Ambsdr Courses - No Additional Charge

Brand Blitz - Live Training - 1:27:17 - Learn how to takeover any brand search term in Google

Question Cashflow - Live Training - 37:17 - How to Produce Predictable Passive Income by Just Answering Questions

Copywriting Companion - Live Training - 37:31 - How to Use AI to Become An Expert Copywriter

Marketing Magic - Live Training - 56:02 - How to Rapidly Grow Your Business Using AI Marketing

Brand Whisperer - Live Training - 1:19:14 - How to Land Big Brand Deals Outside Amazon 

Facebook Fortune - Live Training - 1:35:50 - How to Create a Frenzy on Facebook

 Beyond the Jungle - Live Training - 19:47 - How to Make Money Far Beyond Amazon!

Sitemap Sorcery - Live Training - 10:26 - How to Build a Perfect Sitemap for Google! 

Trend Treasure - Live Training - 22:05 - How to Spot and Track Trends Using a Fancy New Tool!

Headline Honeypot - Live Training - 17:31 - How to Write the Perfect Headlines Using A.I.

Analytics Adventure - Live Training - 40:34 - How to Setup Google Analytics WITHOUT Tech Skills!

Pinterest Profits - Live Training - 2:11:55 - How to Make Money on Pinterest (The EASY Way!)

Logo Lab - Live Training - 2:16:09 - How to Design YOUR Logo in Canva (The Easy Way!)

Sales Psychic - Live Training - 3:40:03 - Discover What People ACTUALLY Want To Buy As A Brand Ambassador!

Ambsdr Complete Certification

Course content 6 sections•26 lessons

Week 1 : Plan

S1 : How to select your industry, so you can guarantee your success!

S2 : How to find people making millions, so you can study what works!

S3 : How to position your presence, so you can get instant authority!

S4 : How to design your roadmap, so you can effortlessly reach your goal!

S5 : How to build your digital workspace, so you can stay organized!

Week 2 : Research

S1 : How to reverse engineer your competition, so you can get instant results!

S2 : How to use spy tools, so you can see what people are searching for!

S3 : How to tap into trends, so you can get paid to talk about the hot new thing!

S4 : How to convert conversations into cash, so you can get paid to talk to people!

S5 : How to find secret bestseller lists, so you can effortlessly make more money!

Week 3 : Build

S1 : How to properly plan your blog, so you can have instant credibility!

S2 : How to secure a top domain, so you can become memorable!

S3 : How to setup your blog, so you can have unlimited streams of income!

S4 : How to customize your blog, so you can look like a pro from the get go!

S5 : How to create your social plan, so you can be easy to find online!

Week 4 : Write

S1 : How to build your article database, so you can produce predictable passive income!

S2 : How to write the perfect article, so you can have the power to print cash on demand!

S3 : How to use artificial intelligence, so you can instantly write articles that rank!

S4 : How to borrow pro photos, so you don’t have to buy anything you talk about!

S5 : How to setup your share links, so you can get paid to talk about anything you want!

Week 5 : Promote

S1 : How to promote with Questions, so you can get paid to help people!

S2 : How to promote with Mentions, so you can get paid to talk to people!

S3 : How to promote with Hashtags, so you can get paid to connect with people!

S4 : How to promote with Pins, so you can get paid to share articles with people!

S5 : How to promote with Notifications, so you can get paid to notify people!

Week 6 : Automate

S1 : How to automate anything, so you can spend time doing the things you love!

Ambsdr Trends

  • This is where you can keep up with what’s trending online
  • Chris pays a LOT of money for software to track the Internet
  • Every single day, Chris' looking for new product trends
  • As soon as one comes across his radar, he shares everything with the Ambsdr community
  • Search volume, growth percentage, graphs, angles, and opportunities
  • You’ll always be the first to know what to write, when to write, and why

Ambsdr Calendar

  • This is where you can RSVP for all the upcoming Livestreams parties
  • Chris will always do at least one livestream party a week that’s live Q&A
  • Some weeks, Chris may do more (depending on what the industry is doing)
  • If you miss a Livestream party, that’s ok!
  • You can view past livestream parties as well

Since starting Ambsdr June 21, 2022, I have ventured into other platforms. Chris Luck is one mastermind creating and sharing updated trending course information with the world! I will give him that

However, the format on how he presents his information depends on your learning style. There is a lot of information available now for resources. It is up to you to create your own personal vision, and use the community to elevate you to your goal.

How to Join Ambsdr?

I promote other programs, and recommend the Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya for those getting started or need an online foundation. If you are interested in joining Ambsdr, you would click the button here to go to their website.

Ambsdr Extra Costs

In addition, you may have to spend little to no additional money once you start with the program. He provides several free resources that will encourage your growth exponentially. Some of the paid resources that are encouraged include:


Is Ambsdr a Scam?

Amsdr is not a scam in my review. If you join Chris' program, you are going to get a comprehensive education from one of the best marketers in the industry. Chris educates you on free traffic methods inside the course curriculum. He also provides updated information.

Ambsdr Testimonials from Verified Students

Not ready to make the investment just yet? Don't take my word for it! Read reviews from real students - some pros and some cons with the Ambsdr platform.

Singh S (5 stars out of 5 stars)

Great Course...

Great course! if you follow the instructions, take consistent action, overcome procrastination, and don't give up....you will be successful. This is an opportunity to build solid long-term online business. New online sales/marketing strategies, online tools and tactics are shared regularly - so you are able to build your knowledge and put that knowledge into practice.

Like with anything in life...if you want it badly enough, you will do the work. If you don't you will just walk away and look for the next shiny thing, hoping the new thing will work for you.....but hope isn't a strategy.

Date of experience: January 25, 2023

Matthew Bedford (1 star out of 5 stars)

Chris Luck is untrustworthy and Very disappointed with the course

Very disappointed with the course and Chris Luck.

When he tries to sell you the course and when you start the course, he keeps reminding you this is not about making money for him and he just wants to create a 'family' aka community or like-minded people.

The fact is its only about him making lots of money from the members who he hasnt bothered with after he created the upgrade the suckers that pay an extra 10k plus.

The only reason I joined was that he promised a 1-year money-back guarantee. He over-promised with claims throughout the training like articles will rank in days or a couple of weeks. The site that he builds alongside you is terrible and gets no traffic or rank for any keywords.

In the celebrations section AMBSDR nobody is celebrating making any money after 9 months, the only thing members are celebrating is posting their 100th or 200th post.

Keep away from this scammer.

Date of experience: April 22, 2023

Yann Summer (1 star out of 5 stars)

Attention, Chris Luck (AMBSDR) is in town

I can't say much good about this course. The fact is that it does not work!
Chris Luck makes millions with somewhat half-assed courses that he creates and then sells.
His own site: "luckslist" is very weak according to current tools. Hardly any visitors. Everything written with AI.
In his AMBSDR course where you are supposed to be an ambassador for brands to sell products on amazon.
All written with AI. Although the Google group has explicitly warned against it. Chris Luck doesn't bother with this and creates/sells a course that doesn't work.
I have not heard from any of the members there in over 8 months that he/she is really making money.
Chris Luck does a livestream every 2 weeks to keep the members happy. He has made a few million from selling this course.
What really annoys me is that he refuses to pay people back their money. That is very dubious. I have also been refused quite rudely.
Be very careful with this guy, don't buy from him! There are courses out there that are much better!

Date of experience: March 17, 2023

Adriane M. (3 stars out of 5 stars)

I do admit. The course does not provide what it promises. Chris shouldn't promote his product as a course to make money online in a certain time frame. It should moreso be promoted as a trending library, as that's what it is. I agree, you can't make money fast online. But, you can learn how to set up your online foundation and courses available to walk you through processes of understanding the online world. When you look at how the information is presented, this is great for an entrepreneurs wanting to grow online within a community, and utilize other resources to maximize the course. I wouldn't recommend it without mentorship.

Is Ambsdr Worth It?

Ambsdr is a good way for a person with no prior internet or marketing skills to create an online business. Ambsr can be the circle loader for you and your business.

Follow the self-guided information taught, Chris will help you succeed to become brand ambassadors.

The choice is up to you to decide if it is worth it to you.

Ambsdr Review - Conclusion

Overall, Ambsdr is a legitimate course for marketers who are looking to make money with affiliate marketing. I started the course June 21, 2022, realized that blogging wasn't my main cup of tea, but realized it is needed in my passive income strategy. Yes, affiliate marketing is a new world for most people. Chris systematically provides a platform that you can easily learn everything about affiliate marketing. It's a great choice for beginners with zero knowledge and a low budget. One of the best ways to attract leads and get sales is through SEO and blogging. It's a long road, but it's a free and long-term investment that pays over and over again.

Ambsdr Alternatives

At the end of this review, let me give you a few alternatives to consider.

Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya - a step by step program setting up your online foundation for affiliate marketing success.

ChatGPT Mastery Course by Pascio- Master every part of Chat GPT to become a power-user and get the best possible results.

List Building Lifestyles - Master every  way how to get unlimited targeted traffic to any offer, product or niche. Build your email marketing list step by step.

These three programs are lighter in price, but will assist you in your affiliate marketing journey.

Enough reading, it is now time to take action! If Ambsdr is for you, click the link here to start your journey with the Ambsdr Family!

Thank you for reading my Ambsdr review!

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