Sales professionals, read this! There are many opportunities in the sales industry. Do you want to be a brand ambassador or sell life insurance? Each has its own set of pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more about each position so you can make an informed decision.

Making an informed decision is important when it comes to your career. You want to be sure you are choosing the right path for yourself. After reading this blog, you should have a good idea of which option is best for you.

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The Pros of Being a Brand Ambassador

You are your boss- As a brand ambassador, you are essentially your boss. You have the freedom to set your hours, work as much or as little as you want, and take time off when needed. This autonomy can be very appealing to those who want more control over their work/life balance.

You get paid to talk about products you love- If you are passionate about the products you are promoting, then being a brand ambassador can be a dream job! You get to talk about products you believe in and receive compensation for your efforts.

Variety- No two days as a brand ambassador are the same. You could be working at a trade show one day and doing in-store demos the next. This variety can make the job more interesting and exciting.

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The Cons of Being a Brand Ambassador

Irregular income- Because you are paid per event or project, your income as a brand ambassador can be irregular. This can make it difficult to budget or plan long-term financially.

Rejection- Not every customer you talk to is going to be interested in what you are promoting. If you have trouble dealing with rejection, then being a brand ambassador may not be the best fit.

The Pros of Selling Life Insurance

Steady income- When you sell life insurance, you receive a regular paycheck based on your performance levels. This can provide some stability and predictability if you have difficulty managing money or prefer not knowing when your next big payday will be.

You Help People in Their Time of Need - One of the things that drew you into selling life insurance was likely the desire to help people. And when it comes down to it, few people need help more than those grieving the loss of a loved one. Knowing that you played even a small role in making sure their final expenses are covered is incredibly gratifying.

You’re In Control Of Your Schedule - Just like being a brand ambassador, selling life insurance gives you considerable control over how you structure your day. However, unlike being an ambassador, there’s often more pressure to meet quotas. That said, many people who sell life insurance find that they still have plenty of time to pursue outside interests.

The Cons of Selling Life Insurance

You Have To Be Good With People - If interacting with people makes you break out in hives, then working as a life insurance agent is probably not going to be fun for either party involved. A successful career in insurance sales requires excellent communication skills, diplomacy, empathy, and the ability to build rapport quickly.

It’s A Commission-Based Job - Even though selling life insurance comes with some pretty great perks ( such as controlling your schedule ), it’s important to remember that this is still a commission-based job. What that means is that if no one buys any policies from you, then there’s no money coming in . Oftentimes, commission jobs require agents to invest their money upfront for things like gas, marketing materials, etc. So if sales aren’t going well, it could end up costing you rather than making you money.

If being your boss, having a flexible schedule, and getting paid to talk about products sound appealing, then becoming a brand ambassador might be the right choice for you. However, if a steadier income, helping people during their time of need, and having control over your schedule is more important to you, then selling life insurance might be better suited for your goals and interests. Consider all aspects before making your decision so that way you can be sure you end up in the right position!

Change Wrap Up

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