People can be unconsciously tormented by expectations. Their own and those of others, and it keeps them from growing to be the person they can be.

What do people expect of me today?

If you live your life guessing what peoples expectations of you are it's a no-win situation; and you sink down in resentment and confusion.

Planning Starts With You

Start your day with a daily journal. Answer these questions in the morning (and evening if possible).

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What did you enjoy today?
  3. What are you planning for your future?
  4. What do people like about you?
  5. How do you feel?
  6. What can I improve on?

Pick a book, I am reading Straight Line Leadership, and consume about 15-30 minutes. Read your vision out loud; then  jump in your day.

Your Vision Should Include these 5 Action Items to Take Now About Any Business

  • Know where you are now
  • Know what you want
  • Know the firm WHY you want it
  • Focus only on the WHY to produce 80% of the results
  • Rinse and Repeat Daily

Things we will discuss along my journey

I have had the pleasure of having a few millionaire mentors, but finally found home. Each mentor has a different skillset they bring; and has to agree with your goals. I wrote a post on my FB page today (you can like it for support :) sharing my story with affiliate marketing why and how. For each individual person’s journey, it will be different.

The value I can provide when someone works with me in this journey are: Zach and Daniel. I am excited to learn as well! Daniel has a mini group within Zach's group, Wealth Warriors team, and you get the ADDITIONAL bonus trainings and education working with Daniel as well!

I wasn’t aware of the additional trainings until Sunday lol - which has me diligently reading and notetaking to increasing provide value and more structure of affiliate marketing education that I can provide to you.


*Don’t be cheap in investing in your education

*Systems and Courses Work, People Fail

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The common excuses

I am broke therefore I cannot start a business. That is the not the mindset to have, as those two are two separate discussions - like apples and kiwi. Honesty A is where I am, and B is results intended. Focusing your efforts towards your B goal is the direction to go into.

What affiliate marketing will do is uncover opportunities for Being The Change. No one hands you power in life for free. You sometimes have to generate it. The proper mentorship will get you in the right direction to execute your vision effectively.

Affiliate marketing allows creativity and understanding organization for the choice for a business future. It’ll allow a way to make money online and grow as an entrepreneur to assist others in the same endeavor. This journey has led to honesty questions to ask yourself as a small business owner.

  • What are you pretending not to know?
  • What’s going to happen if I continue down this path?
  • How do you need to be different?
  • Are you assuming logic is running the show?
  • How could you be in the face of that?
  • Where has going easy on yourself gotten you so far?

Consider living from this inner stance. The easier you are on your self the harder life is on you but the more honest you get with yourself the easier life is.

Importance of Proper Mentorship

Having a coach is the key to success. This daily broadcast (as fun as it is), I will increasingly get better with time - with the goal of providing valuable information that will help people gain a successful path. The first few weeks will be works in progress, so please be patient with me as I am learning too. But one thing I have learned and made a decision to do is CHOOSE change for my organization. Enyka and I needed growth, and I am on a mission to EFFECTIVELY get there.

People don’t buy for results. If I flashed I was a millionaire all over the internet, my door would not be lined up with people wanting to know HOW THEY can get there. We all know that. So my goal is to have a guide book that will be video documented - good or bad of the journey - so I can SHOW people wherever it leads.

People need to wait in the sidelines of results before they decide - and I get it - I am the same way. Use me as the guinea pig - no problem! As I did the same for two months before calling Daniel.

My goal is not to  SELL anyone on this course. People will visually see my growth and development everyday with change, transition and education. I am my BRAND, and using this millionaire mentor to structure the pieces.

I never did any hard selling as a mortgage broker, life insurance agent, anything - I just showed people the opportunity and what it can provide for them. If I focus on telling my story and serving as many people as I can, God has everything else worked out. I want to build trust first. Change will happen, but consistency and effort, people have to see and want for themselves.

Change Wrap Up

The three takeaways for today are:

1. It is important to start every day with some type of ignition starter for your mind. Journal, Reading Affirmations and Reading your Vision

2. Your vision as a business owner: Ask yourself these 5 questions -Where you are now, What you want, Know the firm WHY you want it, Focus only on the WHY to produce 80% of the results; and Rinse and Repeat Daily.

3. Have honesty in your A status, where you are now and B status what result you intend to go into and realize even with this program systems don’t fail, people do.

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Please don't forget to support!

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