Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website? Difficulty with Sales? Struggling with online marketing?

We have all been there - it can be tough to get your business off the ground and running. That's why we are here to help you out with some helpful tips for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2022

Follow these simple affiliate marketing techniques - I am!

Tik Tok

One of the most important things for a beginner in affiliate marketing is to get their first 1000 followers on TikTok. This is because these followers will be the most important in zeroing in on your niche. Some people have several accounts, but for your business, you may need to have a business-focused account.

I don’t have that many followers just joining recently, so I am just doing some restructuring.

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on TikTok

The best way to get your first 1000 followers on TikTok is by using the Hashtags feature. This allows you to find your target audience and zero in on your niche. You can also use the filters to find your niche and search for content there. Another great way to find your target audience is by using the Search feature. This allows you to find people who are interested in what you are promoting and follow them.

E-mail is Your Brand

Zach’s coaching/mentoring course comes with an email series that he has set up for beginners. This email series will give you additional information on how to enhance your email process. When I have my course, I can model the information that I have collected. Remember the key is to find a solution to a problem for businesses, then monetize.

With all of the collaborations/relationships I am making along the way, it wouldn't be smart not to make a course! But to do this, the organization is key. It is a good idea to plan your week so that you know what content you will be creating. This will help you stay organized and on track with your affiliate marketing goals.

Proper Blog Set Up

In the Ambsdr affiliate marketing program with Chris Luck, for months I diligently learned how to set up a blog the right way (I thought?). I set up Being the Change Affiliate marketing small business resource page; our wealth education blog and a travel blog

Setting up a blog is hard. Even with watching the video certifications with Ambsdr; you have to pick the right platform, design it, write content, and then promote it.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people give up on blogging because it's just too hard. Not only do you have to worry about creating great content, but you also have to worry about promoting it and getting readers. But I can't lose the Google Algorithm! This is all a game. Adam Enfroy has a better way to go with blogging. It's a long game.

Adam Enfroy has been where I was, but where some bloggers may be right now. If you are a blogger? Follow Adam. He has started multiple blogs, and he knows what works and what doesn't. He has FREE video courses on YouTube, and he'll show you how to set up your blog the right way so that you can start seeing results immediately.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies Blogging

Have things Pre-Done to Save Time

Most of your conversations are close. So. Having things pre-done saves time. You still have to follow up with prospects, and get new prospects. As I’ve shared all week, the organization was a huge pain point in my business. Technology and timesavers.

So today, while going through a past Wealth Warriors Training, a major helpful implementation is Text Replacement and

To manage text replacement, tap Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  1. To add a text replacement, tap the Add button. , then enter your phrase and shortcut. When you're done, tap Save.
  2. To remove a text replacement, tap Edit, tap the Remove button then tap Delete. To save your changes, tap Done.

When I am networking, I can have preset responses quickly available on my phone, so I don’t have to write it all out. This was my Thursday, game-changer.

Change Wrap Up

If you're feeling stuck in affiliate marketing or low-ticket offers aren't giving you the results you want, it might be time to consider a high-ticket offer. I'm grateful for my high-ticket affiliate marketing mentorship because it's changed the way I think about marketing.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

If you're interested in seeing real results quickly, I recommend checking out the free 7-Figure Affiliate Marketing Training. It's helped me immensely and it may help you too. Follow my journey as I continue to change my approach to affiliate marketing and see better results than ever before. The time is now to sharpen your online skills as a small business.

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