As good as the money that can be made as a Mortgage Broker, is it worth the pain we endure on a daily basis?   You have to deal with customers, there emotions, catering there process, the 1003, dealing with credit, the interest rates, the property values, credit assessments, getting the approval with the lender, appraisal, getting the appraised value back, making sure your commission stays under the requirements….Let’s say the factors that go into a Mortgage Broker’s commission is earned.

When in tonight's live facebook check in call, Serdjim Veli (successful internet coach) feedback said, "Great job but go redo it". I smiled. Let's Go!!! Tell me what to do :) Some Facebook cover corrections and a redo of TikTok - I am excited about it as I want it to be 100%.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategies

In this video I will provide a recap of my day in a new high-ticket affiliate marketer’s journey. Please take a moment and subscribe to my channel and support a Real Uncut Direct affiliate a marketing experience to you. We will discuss the benefit of being in the 7-figure mentorship/coaching program I am in literally for anyone in any profession W2 worker - this would be good to have your own business as tax time is around the corner…quit procrastinating and check that skill set off. brand yourself into your own brand, mortgage broker, insurance agent, commission-based Job, people working 9 to 5, small business owners, entrepreneur, anyone moving…. well, it is catered to anyone; I’m really talking to you.

What is a business if no one knows you are out there? $5 trillion dollars of purchases were made online last year. So as a marketer, you are supposed to learn how to effectively market your business in a NEW online world or continue to do it the old school way.

The New way is filled with SEO

Backlinking, email setup, account management, Jasper building - yes, an intricate part of how the marketing system works. It’s actually quite challenging like a science.

You have to attract people to your brand, the right type of people, manage your time, be organized, it’s fun.

People like to make goals, yes, but have you reached your maximum opportunity of that goal?  We have classified having a degree or not having degree to equate to the amount of money someone has or can make. We make excuses not to invest in ourselves, think it’s ok to throw around a few titles for validity, but consistently keep running from the situation at hand. Are you being your best you? Only you can answer that.

Showing What's Possible

In the 7-figure mentorship group, it makes me smile during our LIVE sessions when the young, lively, seasoned 81-year-old Melanne Forman, agreed to Zach’s mentorship. She that are not scared to try something TOTALLY new. They both understand the affiliate marketing concept and taking what they learn to leverage into their passion. Brilliant!  Please drop a A in the comment box if that makes sense.

I love that they are trying to see what is possible. You never know until you try. It doesn’t matter if you invest in yourself to be a part of the training, Zach gives you all of his information, Daniel gives you all of his bonus information, they offer live events every day, set up everything for you - if you don’t APPLY what they provide? It won’t work. That’s why I’m high-ticket affiliate marketing you don’t focus on the quantity of what you are doing, but the quality to speak to a direct audience that has the same pain points as you and can relate with you.

The MCS family member in our course that is 81 is not letting age hold her back, taking it one day at a time. She has a story to tell anyone listening and learned there was a way to monetize it.  And speaks with confidence during our sessions that I’ve been to, knows that IN time whatever her vision or goal is she is working towards it will be accomplished.

There goes that mindset again.

Affiliate Marketing Vision

Going around talking about my millionaire mentorship and coaching is not about the monetary value of the statement. It is a visionary statement for me every time I write it to be clear about the direction of my goals. Now with that status it will be to elevate and encourage what I have learned with the community around me as being a mortgage broker - I want to provide my mortgage assistance program, and being an insurance agent, somehow encouraging diversification of assets in different portfolios but it takes dinero to get there.

So, I need more. Period. I continuously pray for direction and trust the path I am on.

God is using me as a vessel for those who want change. I just know what I am supposed to do.

Now. Your vision is your vision but start by having one. Let millionaire status mean you working at your highest potential at all times because you are enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

That is perfect if it is perfect for you. The key to my message is to have the mindset to achieve all you want to achieve in your business where you feel like it is a success to you. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. is how life.

I am a nerd, as you will come to learn, but one of the things I don’t want to do is waste time. That has been the hardest part with me and this new process. It’s like the done for you System that Zach has provided to leverage all of my businesses and my mind is going in so many ways! I have to keep my mind quiet at night as I can’t sleep brainstorming of different ways to be able to elevate people and their vision. It is irritating but exciting.

So, there is no one that has any excuses as an adult (except for my 21 years old or less…but HEY!) who says there has to be a limit on age to learn a skillset that is not going anywhere in anyone’s lifetime? The internet is not going anywhere people. Drop a x in the comment box if you agree.

Takes the Stress Off

When you partner with Zach you get to leverage everything, he does in his business to help grow your own.

You get to leverage his phone team, his messenger team, his tech team, his email team for your own business.

He sets up everything for you once you join and you get to leverage all of his resources to help you make high ticket sales while you’re learning the skills you need to be successful online.

Does that make sense?”

Change Wrap Up

I’m grateful for the high ticket affiliate marketing mentorship I am under because it has ignited the marketing engine in my business mind. Creativity of an entrepreneur is beautiful and finding a mentor that works best for you can help stop trading time-wasting hours. Working instead of living. The pain points I was having with low ticket affiliate marketing are being worked out daily in process and documented in time.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Mentorship and Coaching, different from the done for you in 30-day approach ooh I made $10k, then what and still don’t know how to apply what just happened in 30 days. I recommend checking out the Free 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Training if you want to see real results, as soon as possible.

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