Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

CCC Because We Care Foundation is giving 8th grade students from Bates Academy in Detroit, Michigan the chance to experience an unforgettable trip. These are 29 students who face financial hardships and special needs – and this initiative will help them see beyond their immediate surroundings and benefit greatly from much-needed kindness.

Joining this cause would not just show your support for these deserving children, but also make a tangible impact on someone’s life without asking anything more than donation towards making their dream come true. It's easy to have a positive effect on the world if each one of us takes small steps in contributing towards it!

Acts of Kindness

Donate today and make that much-deserved difference by helping send these kids on an adventure they'll never forget! Click here now to get started.

About CCC Because We Care Foundation

CCC Because We Care Foundation has been making an impact in the lives of people facing adversity since 2009. Founded by Detroiters Adriane Mayes and Enyka Gaines, this 501c3 organization has sponsored countless events and programs that strive to give people access to resources they need for success. Now, the organization is proud to announce a new donation initiative for its Acts of Kindness Program. This blog post will introduce you to the CCC Because We Care Foundation and its new initiative, explaining how your donations can make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Acts of Kindness CCC Because We Care Foundation

Mission and Focus

CCC Because We Care Foundation, the mission is clear: to bring hope and opportunity into the lives of those who are facing adversity. The organization is dedicated to empowering people of all ages, from children to families and communities alike, to find their own paths out of poverty so they can follow their dreams. The organization focuses on three key areas: education, health, and community.

Education is seen as the cornerstone to a promising future, and with the help of donors, CCC Because We Care Foundation equips youth with everything they need to build strong foundations. Donations provide essential teachers and materials that support students in their journey towards success.

Providing access to basic health care and healthy living programs is a lifeline for those who are struggling. The organization believes in creating opportunities so that everyone can get the help they need, regardless of their circumstances.

Finally, CCC Because We Care Foundation recognizes that our society is made up of a vast array of individuals with unique skills, desires, and experiences. When communities are strong, the lives within them become more vibrant too. The organization encourages people to stand together in solidarity and create supportive environments that empower us all.


CCC Because We Care Foundation offers a range of programs to help individuals and communities in need. The following are some of the organization's key programs:

Acts of Kindness

The Acts of Kindness program is a central component of CCC Because We Care Foundation's mission. This program seeks to build a world of compassionate understanding by connecting people with resources, sharing inspiring acts of kindness, and championing positive change. Through this program, the organization takes steps towards making its vision a reality.

Acts of Kindness CCC Because We Care Foundation

Work & Learning Experience

The Work & Learning Experience program champions individuals to become their strongest selves by providing the guidance and resources they need. This comprehensive programming helps participants develop essential skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, and life-skills training. The program also offers financial literacy, college planning, and environmental awareness training to help participants break down obstacles standing in the way of their success.

Holiday Giving Project

For more than 15 years, the Holiday Giving Project has been a beacon of hope for countless low-income households. The project is made possible thanks to generous donations and an incredible network that includes teachers, social workers, school counselors, and other human service professionals. Through the project, CCC Because We Care Foundation has helped spread joy through monetary donations, food donations, food baskets, gift cards, toys, and more.

New Donation Initiative

CCC Because We Care Foundation is now launching a new donation initiative for its Acts of Kindness program. The organization believes that acts of kindness are key to creating a more compassionate and understanding world. Through this new initiative, donors can help make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Donations to the Acts of Kindness program can be made through the CCC Because We Care Foundation website. The organization welcomes donations of any size, and every contribution will help make a difference. Donors can choose to give a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation. The organization also accepts in-kind donations, such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

Acts of Kindness Explained

The concept of random acts of kindness has been around for ages. Simply put, it involves performing small, selfless gestures for others, often for strangers, without any expectation of receiving anything in return. These acts could be as simple as buying a stranger a cup of coffee, holding the door for someone, or even offering your seat on public transport. In the case of the CCC Because We Care Foundation, the act of kindness involves creating a unique experience filled with culture, exploration, and adventure for students in need.

With the rising costs of living, many families struggle to provide the basic necessities of life, let alone give their children the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that can enrich their childhood. This is where organizations like the CCC Because We Care Foundation come into play, identifying gaps in the system where they can extend their support to ensure that no student misses out on much-needed experiences due to financial constraints.

Acts of Kindness Uplifitng

The trip planned for the 8th grade students from Detroit Bates Academy is a fantastic example of the power of a community coming together to support others. The three-day adventure to Chicago will not only expose the students to new places and experiences, but it will also help build camaraderie among their classmates, create memories that will last a lifetime and expand their world view.

The itinerary includes visits to The Museum of Science And Industry, Wendella Cruise, Skydeck Chicago, Six Flags Illinois amusement park, and other notable attractions throughout the city. Through these experiences, the students will learn about different aspects of technology, history, and culture, while also being engaged in the excitement and sense of adventure that comes with visiting new and unfamiliar places.

Acts of Kindness CCC Because We Care Foundation 2

As members of the society, it is important for us to recognize our shared responsibility to support those in need. By supporting initiatives such as the CCC Because We Care Foundation’s fundraiser, we are not only helping students in need in a tangible way but also promoting a culture of kindness and generosity that will inspire others to follow suit. After all, it is through these seemingly small acts of kindness that change and progress are made, one life at a time.

Change Wrap Up

With the ever-present challenges that today’s society faces, it becomes increasingly evident that we must all take responsibility and do our part to foster a kinder, more compassionate world. A random act of kindness may seem insignificant at first glance, but its ripple effect has the potential to create lasting change. By supporting initiatives like the CCC Because We Care Foundation’s fundraiser for the students of Bates Academy, we, as members of society, are given the opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of others. Together, let us continue to spread kindness and be the catalyst for creating unforgettable experiences that will shape and inspire the lives of those less fortunate. Visit our website to donate now!

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