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AI High Ticket Digital Real Estate Divas

Being the Change, LLC, a pioneering financial firm, on a mission to empower ambitious entrepreneurs transparently; educating them to leverage digital real estate and AI to attract, engage and retain high-ticket clients. By automating business growth, entrepreneurs become the change model, embrace their true selves, create wealth and prosperity and manifest their dream life legacy. 

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A Special Note from Adriane Mayes

Adriane Mayes envisions a world where acts of kindness have a global impact, creating wealth through legacy. As a highly-successful serial entrepreneur, she has witnessed the potential of amazing ideas from friends, family, and fellow business owners, deserving to thrive.

Inspired by this and the advent of artificial intelligence, Adriane created a digital real estate community to empower entrepreneurs to use Chat GPT, Kajabi, AI tools and digital real estate. The aim is to educate and serve others  as a role model, offering wealth, change and long-term prosperity through passive income.

Through automated business growth strategies, learn to acquire, close and retain exceptional clients while staying true to yourself. With a strategic approach and all-in-one system (Kajabi), finally manifest the life of your dreams, leaving a legacy of wealth and impact.

Despite a BS degree in Electromechanical Engineering and a MBA in Management and Marketing from Murray State University (Kentucky), Adriane discovered her true passion for helping others in 2003, while working with now NBA Hall of Famer Chris Bosh, and his foundation - Chris Bosh Foundation. That allowed her to exercise the power of leverage to assist some of the most impoverished communities in the world.

This led her to co-founding her WHY, CCC Because We Care Foundation in 2009.

Like everywhere in the world, in 2020 COVID-19 hit. Working full-time for one of the top 3 mortgage companies in the nation as a senior loan originator, it was a fun time working from home for 60+ hours a week, until we had to go back in the office...


Goodbye, 9-5 job. Hello, Being the Change, LLC.


Left with the decision to get vaccinated or unemployment - a few weeks of strategizing - Being the Change, LLC mortgage brokerage was born August, 2021. In search of ways to get new purchase and refinance clients, November, 2021 I held my first Home Buying Facebook webinar (using FB ads) and was able to secure 120+ leads in less than 90 minutes! At the moment, I was hooked on learning more about making money online -the why, how, what? The birth of my interest in Chat GPT, AI and Digital Real Estate.

Since April, 2022 Adriane immersed herself in the world of digital real estate education. She invested in blogging, drop shipping, low and high-ticket affiliate marketing, done-for-you courses, SEO and website trainings for local business marketing, Facebook Ads courses and YouTube Ads courses, learning all she could about this lucrative marketing platform with endless wealth opportunities to reach global audiences.

January, 2023, Adriane automated Enyka Gaines' tax preparation business - Gaines Family Services with TaxAct and TaxDome. She has helped numerous local businesses solve their problems leveraging AI and then expanded her scope to online coaching and community building with Kajabi so she could help more business owners do the same.

Known as “AI High-Ticket Digital Real Estate Diva”, Adriane has already trained and coached over 100 entrepreneurs, has a AI High Ticket Digital Real Estate Video Archive of over 1800 videos on how to turbo-charge their earning potential leveraging unique marketing and financial strategies which includes AI and Chat GPT.

Adriane Mayes has been aired on Live TV and featured in major publications like Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and FOX2 to name a few over her journey serving others. She is a work in progress, and daily inspires others on the way to her WHY.

Adriane cherishes her time serving the people of Toronto, ON, Dallas, TX, Murray, KY, Atlanta, GA,  Montgomery, AL, Dayton, OH and of course her home town Detroit, MI.

As a result, she focuses on empowering, educating and creating a billionaire brand within, to ensure to be a model to help others prosper. With her non-profit, CCC Because We Care Foundation the goal is no financial giving limitations, which provides opportunities for the less fortunate.

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A Special Note from Enyka Gaines

After 25+ tax-preparation seasons of helping hundreds, if not thousands of people without automation.

January, 2023 Enyka raised her hand to give digital real estate a shot with her tax business - Gaines Family Services. Enyka automated her process with TaxAct and TaxDome; and saved money, not only efficiency, but during the busiest time of the year digital real estate automation gave her TIME back in her day! She was hooked.

Serial small-business owner wants to create wealth with legacy. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Enyka attended Woodward Elementary; McMichael Middle School; Cass Technical High School; and historical black college Grambling State University with a BS in Accounting and a MBA in Strategic Management from Davenport University.

Enyka has almost 12 years of experience working as an accountant for the automotive industry.

Enyka has over 25 years of experience serving others philanthropically -  including a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, board member of Essie Mae Good Deeds Foundation, Creating a Healthy Community, Divine Impressions, Noah's Arc Foundation and co-founder of CCC Because We Care Foundation.


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Next Step: Legacy Growth

Enyka's next business growth strategy highlights leaving a tax legacy - including training to her 22-year old daughter, Aja Gaines to prepare for franchising Gaines Family Services. Aja Gaines has worked with Being the Change, LLC, Gaines Family Services and Smile Don't Blink Photo Booth, LLC (Enyka's digital photo booth business) since August, 2022.

Enyka has a simple goal - random acts of kindness to help others less fortunate. Digital real estate growth will help Enyka franchise her tax business, Gaines Family Services, and highlight tax education, finances, and living life abundantly with passive income.

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Adriane Mayes &

Enyka Gaines

Giving Back: CCC Because We Care Foundation

Established in 2009 with a mission to bring people from diverse backgrounds together in a unified community. Our core objective is to help individuals discover their unique WHY, unlocking the potential to lead more abundant lives.

Through our three program pillars, Acts of Kindness, Work and Learning Experience and Holiday giving, we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Our Acts of Kindness initiatives connect people with vital resources, leveraging AI to facilitate this process efficiently.

Together, we create a ripple effect of positive change and build a brighter future for all. Join us on this journey of care and compassion, as we strive towards a world where every person can live life more abundantly.

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