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Learn proven digital real estate marketing strategies leveraging AI and Kajabi to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, and athletes build billionaire brands with acts of kindness.

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AI for Companies

Build, grow and monetize your AI startup company with ease within a supportive community,

Smart Content Creation

Learn how to create automated content that aligns perfectly with your brand.

Proven Resources

With Kajabi, learn how to understand and scale your audience with 7 figure earners.

Want to transform your passion into profit?

I'll show you how to harness the power of AI digital real estate marketing to get started on making your first $1,000/month in just 30 minutes a day using AI and acts of kindness. Monetize YOUR unique why.

AI is here whether you learn or not. The choice is yours. We are here to help.

Who Is Being the Change, LLC?

Hello, Change Makers! We're Adriane Mayes and co-founder Enyka Gaines of Being the Change, LLC. Our global mission is twofold: to celebrate and promote acts of kindness worldwide and to empower entrepreneurs to design, own, and monetize their unique visions and "Whys".

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Let's do it together

The AI-powered digital real estate community brings together like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating positive change through their business endeavors. Within this supportive environment, members engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects aimed at leveraging acts of kindness as a tool for personal growth and financial prosperity.

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30 Day Challenge 

Being the Change is committed to aiding businesses and aspirants in the world of digital real estate and AI. We provide an extensive array of free resources and tools tailored to drive growth and foster acts of kindness. Together, let's be the change the world needs.

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AI Startup Company Coaching

Our coaching isn't just about business growth it's about differentiation. We incorporate generosity.  By leveraging the AI tools and insights we offer coupled with innovative acts of kindness you'll develop a unique position in your industry, just as a strong USP sets products apart. 

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Monetize Your Unique Why Small Business Introduction  to AI Course

Imagine being able to turn your passion into profit! Through expert guidance from successful digital entrepreneurs who have built thriving businesses themselves from scratch; we will equip you with strategies for monetizing your unique offerings effectively. Whether it's selling digital products/services or creating engaging content for sponsorship deals - let us show you how money can flow into your life through your creative endeavors.

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Acts of Kindness Community Partnership

Our journey isn't just about business. It's about humanity. We believe in the power of kindness. With a PhD in Acts of Kindness, our commitment to benevolence isn't just academic, it's heartfelt. We are harnessing the potential of AI to not only generate passive income online but to uplift our community. By teaching others to own their visions and design their realities, we aim to foster a ripple effect of goodwill.  

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Caring Commerce Climb

Elevating empathy-driven enterprises with AI assistance. Learn how to show your audience how powerful your product is - people are discouraged with life and little encouragement.  Putting a little generosity in your business

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Own It, Design It, Be Kind

Weekly small business champions for change showcase celebrating entrepreneurs leveraging AI and acts of kindness with a heartfelt hustle. Let's talk about it.

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AI, Acts of Kindness, Entrepreneurship & Sports

See the relation between sports coaching and the entrepreneurs journey in a new world of AI and acts of kindness. Stand out, scale up and create a unique impact.

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Our mission is to empower startups in harness the untapped potential of AI.

Own It. Design Your Reality.

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